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  1. In most games it is kind of crap because the way it works is different armour gives different protection multipliers. For example crap armour gives x0.9, and got armour gives x0.1, so the crap one negates 10% of incoming damage, and the good one negates 90% of incoming damage. The issue with this is it isn't creative, it is unrealistic, and it gives rise to superior/inferior armour. My suggestion would be to make it more realistic: Different armours give different sorts of protection against different projectiles. The protection level varies. For example very heavy (say, type iv) protection can protect you completely against pistol pullets, and low caliber rifle bullets. Against larger projectiles like 7.62 and brute force melee attacks, you have some protection (no bullet damage) but you are subject to some sort of pain effect and disorientation. Against even larger projectiles, such as a 30mm shell, you have no protection. Etc you get the idea.
  2. No I meant have this as an addition, not as a backer package. Maybe some individual donation packages available to people who participate in the CAT and some unique challenges to earn cosmetics & skins for people who participate in the CAT also.
  3. It would be cool if during the Closed Alpha you guys could sell some unique skins, outfits, and cosmetics and/or add some challenges into the game so that Closed Alpha Testers can earn something unique. These things could include a cool re-skin of an end game weapon, a JTF2 outfit, etc.
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