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Dead Matter
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  1. that's actually a good idea, you know those recreational RVs or vans, some of those have housing items inside, that would be pretty cool
  2. i know waiting sucks but if you hold a game back and make it more fleshed out, it's better than a rushed product
  3. wow i love it how you guys don't just rush things up and leave the game undone like some sort of game that got so much hype before release then just gets thrown up in the bin and forgotten about, you guys don't want to be another company that just get's left out i am interested in your work keep it up
  4. if you are going to survive the outlands full of zombies, you need the art of mastering to jump and run across obstacles. parkour is what i really need in a survival zombie game if you are trying to survive in a world full of chaos. also an enhanced combat system that is addicting to play like using a sword to cut arms from left to right or an animated thing that when you attack something you can stab people in the guts and throw their body to the ground or something like that, it would be really lovely and the gameplay would be more exciting
  5. i am really interested in your work and i would accept it for any price but if only my pc can handle it, my pc is 5 years old and i don't have enough money to upgrade my pc so i want to see if this game is performance friendly
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