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Dead Matter
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  1. Wow okay. But the Buildings and all that stuff on the blendet Mesh are not visibile right ? they are only visibile when the section of the real map is loadet ? And thanks for your answer = ) i appreciate that !
  2. Hello everybody ! Im New here in this Forum. I follow the procces of Dead Matter a long time. First i need to say : RESPECT 4 that HUGE WORK ! Im very impressed by it.. So my Question what i have is how you able to make a map like 400m². The most commend way to handle this is by LevelStreaming right ? Did you handle Dead Matter with Level Streaming in UE4 or worldcomposition? And what is when you go on the biggest hill in the map ? The complete map is not showing because you not near enough to load the next section right ? How is this work ? this would be awesome when i become a answer on this. I am not a concurent or something... I am a hobby dev and i work with ue4 since only 3 months or 4 ^^ I am very very impressed by this project and i ask myself a lot of questions when i see the vlogs. But my important question of all is how you handle the levelstreaming (when its based on streaming) SRY 4 MY BAD ENGLISCH ❤️ Kind Regards From Switzerland
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