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    You're alone in the Albertan countryside. Winter is coming. Your every day consists of gathering the minimum resources you need to survive the next day. You haven't slept more than half a restless night, or bathed anywhere but an ice cold tub or lake in months Power is spotty, and your C++ is rusty. How will the automated turret get built? How will it stay operational?
  2. Sometimes in survival games, especially as I'm getting my camp established, I will burn the midnight oil if I must, with the understanding that it's immensely dangerous. My play style is usually making sure that night time is for repairing, crafting, and healing. The only two games that allow sleeping when these activities are done are Minecraft and The Long Dark, and they do this in very different ways. Minecraft will not allow you to sleep unless everything is locked up tightly and safe; TLD will allow you to sleep anytime, but the harsh realities of nature can bite you in the ass if you burn through the last of your cals or a snowstorm rolls in as you sleep. I much prefer the latter, as it gives me the choice of moving through the night, but punishes me for being so lax about safety in doing so. For those of us who play it safe in the night time, will there be a way to forward time (sleep) at night, given the right conditions?
  3. You won't find a FAMAS anywhere except mothballed French arsenals, and as the main battle rifle of former French protectorates in Africa. Incredibly rare civilian versions can be found once every 10 years or so in the US for about $10-15k. In terms of rarity in Canada, it's right on-par with the Vintorez backer weapon - that is to say - non-existent.
  4. Ah! There it is. That's what got me excited about the possibility of nice, big herds. I looked all over Twitter and IG for that, not remembering where I saw it. It must have just shown up in my YouTube recommended videos.
  5. The C7 is a 1980s contract made from the Colt 715 pattern. The XM16E1 and M16A1 rifles are both based on the Colt 604 pattern. They're similar, but the C7 is not 60s-era. The C7A1 and A2 are their own animals, with mixes of collapsible stocks, 20" barrels, A2 furniture, and glorious optic of Canada, the ELCAN.
  6. I know about the tech constraints of sheer numbers - but I'd also point to two bits of info, one old, one new: Old - Dead Rising had 1000 zombies onscreen with minimal framerate impact on an Xbox 360 15 years ago. A potato by modern standards. DR2 was something like 7000. Apples to oranges with the level of detail difference between the two games, but there's always hackarounds if numbers is what you're chasing. New - A post from a dev, which I now can't find, shows his 100-zombie test lookin' real good. So I think for a game like this, numbers is a perfectly cromulent way of keeping tensions high, given the ability. Debates over decay rates and realism don't hold a ton of water when we're talking about the science of artificially reanimated corpses. Decay is easily explained away by rendering the flesh toxic to microbes and insects in your lore. Zombie lore is one of those things that just has to be "set" and taken as a given, otherwise you end up going in circles. As long as the game is internally consistent (it looks to be), and has good modding tools (it does) it's good to go.
  7. Zombies are flocking and/or herding creatures in most lores. They shouldn't disperse to low concentrated areas, they should flock to the next most attractive area - a joint response to a single stimulus. That said, the common mechanic of zombies spawning into an area that's already been cleared out is nuts. If you've got a good perimeter, the only attacks should be from the outside... though with the flocking behavior, that attack can be anywhere from 1 to 100+. Depends on the noise you've been making, the smells, lights - any sensory stimulus you've been putting out. I've always found the idea of a herd of zombies behaving somewhat like a flock of starlings or locusts. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flocking_(behavior)
  8. B-but I like to pretend I'm a mountain man! really i sit at a computer all day and look outside wistfully
  9. I'm disappointed to hear that bushcraft isn't a big focus. From the perspective of a bushcrafter, I can say that initial advertising and information certainly did not convey that (to me). I'm not asking for the same old "punching trees" crafting model, but being able to survive (possibly thrive) solely on crafted items should be a thing. That's difficult without resource gathering such as felling trees. Doable, but different. Coupled with that, I'm a little curious about the existence of a flamethrower. Between the Vintorez info that I've been seeing, combined with the revelation that bushcraft isn't as prevalent as I originally thought, and now a flamethrower, of all things... I'm growing a little concerned for what attracted me to the game to begin with - a feel of low-key, scavenging survival. It's a concept that has been done before, but never very well, or done well but waylaid by poor product vision (see: H1Z1). It's what really got me excited to back, and I feel maybe I didn't look closely enough at the teaser material to see more than what I hoped to see. In absolute fairness, I will say that the devs are super smart and forward-thinking in that they are making the game adaptable to any play style. For my server, the flamethrower and Vintorez will be the first to go. A Bushcraft mod may be within my capability, depending on dev tools that are released to the community. I also recognize that the game isn't even out yet, and all this fretting is completely useless until I see what gets out there. Until then, I'm on team "The Long Dark with Angry Neighbors" and look forward to playing regardless.
  10. "Realistic" is highly subjective. It even depends on the source/type of the outbreak, which is often treated as peripheral information in survival games. I have a fictional book in progress (have for a while... 😧) that focuses very specifically on the realism of the zombies within. I look at it from a digestive/metabolic standpoint. But that is only "realistic" in the way that I've approached it. Flu and other virus-based scenarios have very different rules. Personally, I am entirely against running zombies of any kind. Quick motions, ok, maybe sometimes. But the genre has always been about death's inevitability, and the inclusion of running zombies trades in that slow, building dread for cheap thrills. It's far more difficult to make a compelling game that relies on atmosphere and sheer number of zeds to make the game terrifying - but far more complete and rewarding.
  11. I pre-ordered back in March and am just now getting my stuff set up. I once belonged to and later ran a forum, and that kinda soured me to them, but I'm BACK after a 10-year hiatus, specifically to support this game. I've said in the subreddit that this is the kind of excitement and promise that surrounded 7 Days to Die before its release, and each subsequent update to that game has been like the slow releasing of air from a once-promising balloon. So I want to help in any way I can, even if it's just community participation! Glad to be here. Greg
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