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Found 7 results

  1. Hello I'm pretty sure there are similar forums out there but I would like to explain my ideas. I really hope the cars and vehicles will be full customizable. What I mean by this is using different metal shapes and welding them to the car. You could also have a weight system where alot of amor would affect the speed and suspension on the car. This means you could make heavily armored vans and semis that would be better for carrying large amount of supplies to your base. Or you could choose to have a faster car with a plow in the front for obviouse reasons. Not only amor but you could have radios, sleeping quarters, racks and ect. to make a mobile home. I feel like this addition would make the game feel a bit more sandboxy and free. I know the purpose of this game is to be as realistic as it can be without feeling like rust and other sandbox styled games. By using a snap on system with the welding and graphics that would make things look natural I think this could be made well enough without the tacky blocky look other sandbox games give. Thank you very much for listening!
  2. I know the full dead matter vehicle list hasn't been unveiled yet but the Porsche 911 would make a great edition to the game line-up. Being a rarity in most countries this could be the sports car to find, dead matter has already shown the fantastic modifications to vehicles available so far. - Rare car harder to find - Front storage limited (Like most sports cars) - Roof rack aids lack of interior storage Stock Version Safari Version
  3. I don't know if this is planned (it probably is) but having to repair your vehicle would be a neat idea and would give the game another aspect to it. also I think they should add cycle bike to dead matter. they would cause much less noise but you would be very open and vulnerable to the elements. also the weather could affect the way you drive or cycle in to town e.g. rain slower on bike but same in car. fog slower in both. sunny faster in both. snow very slow in both.
  4. Glavea


    I don't know if it's been suggested or even mentioned on the blog/vlog and I've only just decided to start trawling through stuff however I did look through the confirmed/denied suggestions and saw planes and helicopters as confirmed. Not a fan of these in this style of game but people do like them so whatever. My suggestion is this: limited fuel for all vehicles. It would make them feel more like a privilege to have. If this has already been suggested or whatever stick me a link in a reply Thanks
  5. I didn't see this game being too car-centric at first, but then I saw that the devs are adding a BMW M3 and an Oldsmobile Toronado, so they likely are more or less trying to go in that general direction. Honestly though, if they do do that, I really hope and think they should add a Subaru of some kind, and hear me out here I'm not just some crazed Subaru fan trying to wedge Subarus into everything, this is a legitimate gameplay idea/concern So this game is supposed to take place in Canada, where there's ice and snow on the ground half the time, rendering both the rear-wheel-drive BMW and Toronado completely useless for much of the year. As a Canadian, I know that there are two good ways to get around in the snow. In a big truck (which they've already shown a few of) and then in a Subaru. Every Subaru is famously all wheel drive (if any of you don't already know) which always helps greatly in the snow, and no small car does AWD better (or more fun) than a Subaru. I'm not sure how many Subarus there are in Alberta but I grew up in BC, Ontario and Quebec and they're not uncommon. If anything like this makes it into the game, the lack of summer cars won't make the game's driving experience dry in the wintertime. From a design point of view I could see something pertaining to the likes of a blobeye ~2004 Subaru Impreza hatchback,, for example, fitting very well with the game's aesthetics. Or an even older wagon.
  6. What are you looking forward to doing most in Dead Matter? Killing people/zombies? Driving around and seeing the map, flying, boating, walking, etc. (If there is already a thread like this I'm sorry but I couldn't find a way to search for it)
  7. I think a nice touch to the cars/trucks etc would not only to make them look different with paint jobs etc but also to be able to have a modular car system where you can change things like having a plow on the front a platform you can stand on top of, larger offroad wheels for better handling offroad ways to attract zombies like a loud exhaust or a fog horn etc and possibly mount a gun, also I would assume running down zombies would wear down the engine so perhaps some performance upgrades image below for some ideas (I don't think miniguns though, bit over the top) perhaps a m2 browning player mounted. I also suggested a racetrack area where you can test how well your car handles or race other players for their car, maybe even destruction derby with other survivors
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