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Found 28 results

  1. Tried to show a story via this photo manipulation. I used some newspapers from the forums. (Newspaper credit: JacobJames & Deputy) The cartoony version is just a filtered version of the original. Thought it looked cool so I kept it. Can you interpret the story in this image? Leave your feedback.
  2. Climbing Mechanic So we have seen in the updates you can climb ladders. You can even climb up on a crate, according to the videos. Im hoping for an extensive climbing system that is as simple as if you are close enough to a ledge you can pull youself up. That includes climbing over fences, roof tops, crates, ladders, ropes, etc. Health Matters Thatd be cool if the health of character effects climbing ability. So for instance, if you are injured you may not be able to climb, depending on injury. A stamina system may be nice as well. The game, I Am Alive, i believe has a stamina climbing system where if you are climbing to long you stand the risk of falling. Proper hydration may give you buffs for climbing speed or endurance. Im not asking for Dying Light type mechanics i understand there are possible limitations to this games engine in regards to parkour. So i hope the devs can create a system that works well with this style of game, that doesn't violate the theme of realism! Thanks for your feedback!
  3. Wow, so it's been awhile since I've posted on here, but here I am at last! I've been up tonight, all by myself with nothing to do. I was feeling a little "artistic" and decided to design this Netflix themed poster for Dead Matter. I've been doing this recently with other things, but I started getting curious as to what a Dead Matter one would look like, so I went for it. This is ultimately what I ended up with. Is there anything I could do differently to make it look even better? LET ME KNOW!
  4. Hi folks \o/ My name is Anton. I am a concept artist from Russia (sorry for my English). I like everything about zombies and postapocalypse, especially games and movies - all that stuff very inspirational for me and my artistic vision. Thats why im here Recently, i'm pushing my skills by doing some interior and exterior concept art, and guess what i choose for practice?) I took a few screenshots from google and overpaint them, main goals were mood, storrytelling and details. I hope folks you like it It's a Dead Matter fan art, so all rihgts belong to the devs. If you have some art (concept or illustration) about the game world, characters and props, fell free to post it here. Lets go!
  5. So as the title suggests, i'm trying to make a Survival Group when Dead Matter is released! We're looking for all sorts of people to come and join us, mainly focusing long term group survival, PvE mixed with a bit of RP is what we're aiming for. Looking for people who enjoy PvE and/or RP and who're friendly and social! Please come and support us, even if we only get a couple more people for our group it really does help and mean a lot to all of us. Gabe, one of the owners of the discord is also new to Youtube, he's made his channel to be based around Dead Matter and will be using our group and discord for most of his game play once DM comes to Alpha, if you want to see yourself featured in some of his videos, come and join us on our Discord. Do you think you can help us make it through the harsh winter? Want to experience the game how it's meant to be played? Come and join us and see what you think! We've just made a discord for the group so feel free to come and join us. We're only a small community so far but that's why we need YOU! And as always, Plan accordingly.. My name on discord is Jayharley2702#7903 for any questions you have, or just jump in - https://discord.gg/S9W36Mu Our discord has a roll system, also working on putting a bot in for a point system we want to implement. Thanks for your time reading this, hope to see you all very soon in the world of Dead Matter.
  6. Hello everyone! I created a Dead Matter Master-list! So far it has the FAQ, confirmed Vehicles, Guns, Melee Weapons, and more! Almost everything listed has links to an image! I plan on keeping it updated and updating as we get more content, check it out! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_fe-Ll2TTE9Va0lduiFX6yRxdqREPobNbdUsRmhsFTw/edit?usp=sharing If you have any suggestions for categories or items to add, feel free to message me, Thanks, Onyx
  7. I was watching the dev vlogs and noticed a smaller town called Cochran was in the game so i was curiouse how in depth your going are planning on geting everything or? (Also will grande prairie be in it)
  8. I decided to mess around with the Dead Matter logo and I just so happened to create this. Figured I'd share it with everyone else. Everyone is free to use it for whatever they want. EDIT: I also decided to make a couple additional ones. Feedback would be greatly appreciated!
  9. I will update this post with any more memes I create related to Dead Matter.
  10. Saw the second Dev Blog yesterday and the progress in animations, environments, etc was amazing to say the least. The reload animation with the pistol in the clinic setting was one of the best I've seen in a game. The way the head bobbed and tilted really tied the whole thing together. Emotes are looking great too! As for the actual suggestion portion I only have a few details you might consider. I thought the muzzle flash could be tweaked to be more realistic. Take for example a glock. It has little to no flash, and it creates a smoky effect, and on the other hand a mosin nagant would have a large, bright flash that makes the gun feel powerful. Overall, flash is just a small detail, but it goes a long way. Zombie animation also has progressed very nicely since the first dev blog, but they're still missing something that makes them feel "undead" I think some of the zombies need to take on a sort of a limp or an occasional stumble or just a visual sign that they're clumsy, walking corpses, and when being chased, the zombies should try to throw themselves at the player. All in all, amazing progress devs, and we can't wait to see more!
  11. nagolbud

    My 2 Cents

    THREAD MOVED HERE: Looks pretty cool. Would be neat to see some farming and raising animals aspects added to the game. As rabbit hutches and other things. Relatively easy to build in real life with wood and bamboo. Chickens would be cool too for eggs. Breeding too would be a neat aspect for meat. It also seems like a lot of people just want to PVP and there are plenty of games like that. But perhaps the ability to alert locals or neighbors of raiders would be kind of neat. Or clan territory that is marked with flags that would alert you. Or the ability to hire a "watch post" type NPC that would alert your area of bandits. Otherwise it would just turn into RUST 2.0 which would suck. No one really works together and its just one big troll zerg feast of raiding bases. I might actually submit my real phone number if it send me a text when raiders were in the area. The reality is in a real survival situation ammo alone would be extremely rare and creating your own would be extremely difficult. Real life rust would destroy most weapon systems in a short time span and some work would be required just to get the gun functioning.. sanding, polishing a bit, and oiling it. Spears, wood clubs, and random items would be used for defense and attack over guns. (Bats, hammers, chains, metal scrap, random shit.) Guns would be your last ditch effort, or to save yourself or friends from bandits. Attacking zombies with guns would obviously attract more zombies so not good unless you have to, to run. I have also lived alone out in the woods trying to build a homestead / farm and it's very difficult a alone as well as difficult to manage a large groups needs. Making a small group the ideal situation for survival and would also benefit the lone player as well because large zerg groups would be difficult to maintain, if not bandits. It would be interesting to implement facial expressions based on your actions, the more murders committed the more angry or stern the face became. Just my two cents. Too many survival games try to be RUST or COD and it just turns into a toxic community of repetitive gameplay or streamers from the UK making gay porn vids as video game content like both RUST and COD.
  12. To make the game more realistic and interesting I think climbing and vaulting is a thing that you should add. I mean don't do an entire complex system of parkour like in Dying Light. But atleast so that you can climb over a tall fence if your skill is developped rather than going all the way around it. As well as some things such as vaulting over small objects. Basically something like in Gta5 I would say.
  13. Updated faction forum for The Saviors. I have introduced roles into my faction some examples are: Chaos Brigade - For those who just can’t keep their trigger finger still. Looters - These members are those who prefer not to PvP and just want to stick with PvE. Reapers - Highly trained at close and long range engagement. Traders and Merchants - These members keep track of loot brought in, and are allowed to trade the faction’s supply stock for more gear/food. These are just a few examples for roles that you can become in The Saviors. More will be added. (Feel free to suggest any roles that could be useful to the faction) The Saviors are a group of people who want a place to belong and thrive in the world of the dead. We're also Walking Dead fans who love The Saviors from the show. We are largely a PvP based faction, but if you want to join and don't want to PvP and want to mainly enjoy the map, that's fine too, the role 'Looter' is there for PvE players who want to be in the protection of The Saviors and just have a safe place to rest at one of our Outposts we will have around the map. And if you're a looter we only ask that you give the faction some of the loot you find (like a third of your food/ammo) as a payment of sorts for letting you use or outposts/shelters and protection as you travel the land. If you have any questions on my faction, The Saviors, don't be afraid to ask. Feel free to join and invite friends. This faction won't only be for the game Dead Matter it will also expand out to games like DayZ, Project Zomboid, and other zombie games, but we will mainly be focused on Dead Matter. So if you want to join just to talk about TWD with someone that's cool, or join to have someone to play with on other survival games go ahead. Faction's Discord - https://discord.gg/VrXTnuS
  14. Hey guys, so with all the guns and weapons they're adding in Dead Matter, I wanted to start a firearm appreciation thread based on the weapons there will be. Feel free to post all sorts of "Gun-Porn" for all the Hoplophiles out there. Be it video and pictures in general. The only rule is unless the weapon has been confirmed or there are screenshots of the weapon in game, please stick to the weapons provided. I will definitely update the list to allow for the love of more guns to be included in the thread. Until then, enjoy. Confirmed Wep0ns Pistols and Handguns Beretta 92FS (M9) Glock 19 Ruger Mk.3 Unidentified Revolver | [Variant 1] | [Variant 2 + Modifications] PDW's and Sub-Machine Guns FN P90 Shotguns Unidentified Over/Under Shotgun, (Presumably Benelli?) Unidentified Side/Side Shotgun | [Variant 1] | [Mods] SPAS-12 | [Variant 1] Assault Rifles, Battle Rifles, Rifles, and Carbines Lee-Enfield M1 Garand Unidentified Sako Rifle (Presumably an 85 classic) M14 | [Variant 1] | [Variant 2] | [Mods] AKs-74u C7 (Service Rifle) | [Variant 1] | [Variant 2] Other Compound Bow
  15. Nik0

    Game Experience

    I saw the great success that you are doing in the Kickstarter is simply fantastic. I Have the feeling that this game will have the most "Walking Dead" experience and the best epidemic , apocalyptic content.
  16. What are you looking forward to doing most in Dead Matter? Killing people/zombies? Driving around and seeing the map, flying, boating, walking, etc. (If there is already a thread like this I'm sorry but I couldn't find a way to search for it)
  17. Ive got some trap housing suggestings for you. (Electric fences) (Bear taps) (Metal barracks) (Hole traps) (Nets) (Spike trapes) (High beem sensor lights) (Trip wire) (Trip wire gernades) (Trip wire shotgun) (Trip wire bells) (Tripwire incendiary) (Metal fences(Electric or not) (Pit with net and crane to pull the net of zombies that full in out) (Mines) (Snare Trap to catch aminals for food wise) (door trap) (Leg snare Trap) ( rabbit snare trap) ( Im not to sure what snare trape the tree one is tough) (Also a tree house to turn into a crash pad when ever your to far from ur place.) There is a awesome defense, Id like like to suggest witch it the house defense, On the movie (I am legend) (metal shutters, bulletproof glass room etc)
  18. I wanted to spot an idea well it's fresh in my mind. I'm big on referencing Titles to help others visualize what's in my head, I think it helps get my ideas passed a simple keyboard. The Division, Adventure Time, Hexen, Doom, Heretic, No Country For Old Men. They all tell the story in the background. Playing The Division, the amount of detail in the world is amazing. From "Detailed Missing Person Posters" to "Closed Diners that obviously use to be a memorable place in it's prime. The Detail is there. The story can be unfolded to a keen eye. Adventure time, is a cartoon that's set in a post apocalyptic world. You wouldn't know it at first, but millions of little background details like broken T.V.s to underground vault doors. You can put the puzzle together on what happened. The toll it's taken on the world. Food For thought- Easter eggs, and small details in Dead Matter could be an awesome addition to the world. Maybe a little broken story on how, this world came to be or events on what happened after. Ex. Newspapers laying around talking about problematic cults that formed after the outbreak. Newspaper Titles like "Bio Lab in Kenya Claims to hold the cure" or " Claims of Safe Haven In Georgia". Thank you For Listening, And comment below!
  19. Hello Dead Matter community, We all are excited and looking forward to trying this game ASAP as it comes out, said that I would like to suggest the addition of something that for my understanding will make players more into the game and more interested in it. The addition of a good story is always welcome and if we look back at games that lack a story we can come to the conclusion that games lacking story are and predictable content. Just for fun I will write in this thread a script of a story I think you all may find very interesting and could result in something similar being added to the game if we all work together in making it better, so please after I have posted my story I would love to see everyone else come with ideas on how to make it better. DEAD MATTER, how it all began. Chapter ONE. The year is 2018, a world war conflict is likely to occur at any time due to the rising tension between nations. A nuclear war conflict seems to be a reality and the biggest threat to life and environment. International organizations have pledged to the most powerful countries to resolve their conflicts through diplomacy, however, the latter seems to be fading away every day. A world war imminent and the military force of every country started to get prepared for the possibility of a nuclear war in the upcoming months. The most powerful countries in North America joined forces with the democratic allies in Europe and decided to form a unilateral military force which was baptized with the name of N.A.E.C, which stands for (North American and European Coalition. A military force that shares the intelligence and military power of 20 nations which was quick to intimidate and cool things out, causing the nations in a conflict that were developing nuclear warheads and weaponry to surrender and open the doors to diplomacy, or at least that was the official version. Behind the scene, the N.A.E.C was never going to allow that their enemies will continue to pose a threat and it was quick to come with a plan that should cease worldwide conflicts for good. Chapter 2 (Beginning of the End Part 1) It was not a secret that such powerful military force would not use its immense power and resources to develop new ways to wipe their enemies with methods less overkill than a nuclear war, for months the leaders of the main countries had secret meetings with the richest and technological advanced corporations that could create new ways to weaponize something that would not have permanent effects on the environment, and that is when they came with the idea of developing a human serum that would enhance human capabilities so they could stand the most hostile environment and be implacable against their enemies, the idea of having enhanced soldiers with the strength to fight in the BATTLEFIELD for days with very little food or water supply was applauded and agreed by the governments member of the N.A.E.C PART 2. Developing the serum. The members of the N.A.E.C studied for days the most powerful, richest, and capable biological companies that existed and agreed to sign a multibillion contract with the reachest pharmaceutical conglomerate of Canada, Bioeternal Corp, which had the responsibility to develop the serum. Months later after many failures, they finally came with the answer to their problems, a serum capable to enhance human resistance to a hostile environment that could kill an average person in days was developed and quickly tested on volunteer soldiers of the different countries that formed part of the N.A.E.C. Soldiers were quick to feel the effects of the drug and were put in the most hostile areas on earth to test them. One thousand men and women were sent to die, the conglomerate needed them to perish so data could be collected and help improve the enhancer, however, for their surprise all soldiers survived with very little water and food supply for weeks and did not show any secondary effect, it was clear the serum was perfect and did the job. The mass manufacturing of the serum reached a total of hundred thousand per day and quickly started to be implanted in the near 3 million soldiers that were in service of the N.A.E.C Chapter 3 (The war) The year is 2020, the N.A.E.C invaded the most hostile countries with dictatorial regimes, it was clear that their enemy's soldiers were not ready for what was coming, one by one started to fall and their enemies had not more options but to quickly launch a nuclear strike, despite the N.A.E.C efforts to avoid it, they did not have other choice but to respond with fire. A total of 4 nuclear warheads were launched that day destroying entire cities, with an estimate of 100 millions of deads across Europe, Asia, and North America. The nuclear winter did not take too long to arrive and a layer of smoke and dust in the atmosphere blocking the sun's rays welcomed the period of cold and darkness, of course, we were prepared for this our enhanced soldiers were deployed in the affected areas to assist survivors and of course to eliminate the remains of their enemies and here is where the nightmare began. Chapter 4 (The undead) Millions died in that war, the problem they did not stay dead. After conclusive studies it was determined that the serum mutated when in contact with radioactive environment, causing any person enhanced to suffer abnormal cellular regeneration after dead and instant reanimation but with the most primitive and violent instincts, it was unclear how long it took for the army of the undead to spread across the world, but it was so fast that human race was pushed to the edge of extinction. Chapter 5 (Dead Matter) The year is 2022, the undead are in every country on the planet and human population was less than a quarter of the world population in 2017, survivors were quick to learn how to adapt and how to form clans and civilizations in defense against the undead. Governments have long disappeared and every human community out there was run by their own community council. This is where we are, Canada one of the biggest remaining where human joined in the battle against the undead, using any equipment they find to make tools and weapons to increase their chances of survival. Welcome to Dead Matter, survival is the only option and your own responsibility. The End. Let's hear your thoughts and ways to improve the story.
  20. i think would be interesting random days on the game (could be in server owner options), zombies going crazy and they all run, effects and stuff like that to make you feel inside the game.. surprises and etc to make it more immersive, there are a lot of things to explore on a zombie wave or whatever it could do different of running and walking. another effect idea, wildlife disappear from map for 1 day or something, making people look for other ways to get feeded.. is that possible, or even interesting to you all?
  21. Hello, everyone! It's Whion! I found this Kickstarter and forum a few weeks ago when the Kickstarter began. I was thinking of doing more videos so I decided to do videos on Dead Matter from stretch goals all the way until after it releases! It seems to be gaining ground out there and it looks and sounds like an exciting game to play! I'm not entirely sure this is the correct place to post these videos (all my videos will be put into this specific post so I don't flood anything). Please enjoy the videos and discuss them to your heart's content! Here's the playlist! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DQ4FBTOmuoE&list=PL5jjToSQb8qV_wlAvwoChLC0aHt2mmeiC Thanks for watching and viewing!
  22. I am a total belief in that the Kickstarter Backer Tiers should build upon themselves. No be so "unique" with each level. example 25 - Base game when released 30 - All previous plus Beta 35 - All previous plus Alpha 50 - All previous plus Name on park-bench 75 - All previous - excluding park-bench - plus possible road named after you 85 - All previous - excluding park-bench - plus work with you to name road after you Obviously it would be in the developers on words and content per tier, but I think it works better this way because as the purchase price increases, the returning content is increased. Just a thought.
  23. Hi guys I want in dead matter animal different than other games by animation & behavior like wild life and should the game include ( bears , rabbits , snakes , Wolfs , deer , elk , and also rare animals is more important once different is season animals like winter appear only some animals that lives in cold weather hope its help full cheers Ayoub
  24. hi again I prefer foods spoiling in dead matter this affects more realistic game ?
  25. hi I want know how we can save a game is saved by bedrolls or different ?
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