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Found 6 results

  1. I was watching the dev vlogs and noticed a smaller town called Cochran was in the game so i was curiouse how in depth your going are planning on geting everything or? (Also will grande prairie be in it)
  2. I have been wondering what's the character creation going to be like, is it going to just be a selection of different ethnic groups? African, Asian, Caucasian, etc. Could we adjust the facial features and the body? the height, arm length, legs, the chest?.. the booty? I want my character to be thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. So how much freedom do we have on character creation? The character creation is a big win for me. I don't know if you guys know the game Black Desert but it has the best character creation I've seen here's a video I'm not expecting Dead Matters character creation to be something close to this but I hope that we would have the freedom to modify our characters similar to this. What do you guys think?
  3. Hello there! From what I've managed to dig up this subject was raised twice now - to no avail. Perhaps it would be a good idea to explore it further. There's a dedicated community, which would go above and beyond to help you guys create this awesome looking game! And to appear on the end credits as a person who had his part would be a cherry on top. Well, basically if the developers are interested - I'm game.
  4. Development Diary #1 Howdy! Brief development update here. Since the campaign had been nearing its end, a lot of work has been done over the past couple of weeks, to organize, document and properly lay out our process, leaving us somewhat shorthanded. The last two weeks of silence have been filled with a lot of prep, restructuring, planning for the future and gearing up for the road ahead. Today, the funds were transferred over to us and so, we've begun to get the ball rolling for our planned development cycle: organised, funded, and most importantly, dedicated. Despite the restructuring and real world work, our team has still been using the downtime productively: powering through internet, computer, and other issues to bring Dead Matter that much closer to completion. Porosity I've been hard at work at integrating a physically-based porosity and wetness system into the world's master material, for those stormy nights and rainy days. Each material in Dead Matter contains baked-in information about the material's height, ambient occlusion, and roughness. Utilizing this information, we can best approximate where puddles are likely to form on the material's surface when it takes on water. We use this information in every material to determine the material's appearance when wet, which is ultimately unique for each material we author for Dead Matter. Through the roughness map, we derive qualities about how 'porous' the overall surface is and transform this information into what is called a 'Porosity map'. What is porosity? A lot of this information has been covered in-depth by Sebastien Lagarde, a former DONTNOD senior graphics programmer and current director of rendering research at Unity. Sebastien worked on and had outlined his research on Physically-Based wet surfaces in video games while working on Remember Me (released in 2013). The series on his blog is a fantastic read and will help give an extensive look at what we set out to accomplish with our materials. https://seblagarde.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/water-drop-3a-physically-based-wet-surfaces/ Ultimately the 'wetness' of all materials in the game is measured from a value between 0-1, which is controlled by our weather system. The porosity map, and the wetness value in tandem with the material's heightmap AND the material's ambient occlusion map, ultimately allows for the convincing formation of puddles on the material's surface. The overall result is still missing a few features (namely the animation of rain droplets, and running water along sloped surfaces), but we're quite happy with the initial results. This system is tied to every single general-purpose material present in our game. To better demonstrate the change in appearance, here's a video showcasing the effect in real-time. Note the difference between each surface's appearance as it takes on more water. Revolvers Our lead weapons designer and prop modeller, Dusty, has been laying the groundwork for a system that will bring extensive variation and customization options to the weapons of Dead Matter. Modular barrels, grips, sights, attachments, rails and unique weapon mods and crafting options are all supported. The Road Ahead We'll have much more content to show and talk about over the coming months as we settle down and properly get into the groove of development, so stick around and stay tuned. Let's make something great.
  5. AI Development. I feel this could be a make it or break it in the success of Dead Matter. So many recent fails to new games because of poor AI. Zombie AI is key to the success to a game like this. Why is it key to success? Because Dead Matter needs to be authentic. Floppy or Glitchy AI would ruin the game. Why is this not a HUGE problem? because it's a survival game, and PVP will take away from minor problems regarding AI. This game isn't just Zombies. Games to reference in good spirit towards AI? Left For Dead, Dead Island, Dying light, Dead Space. The thing is, it's not incredibly hard nor important to make a good AI. They just need to move and feel real, some Aggro scripting, and good graphics. The problem is when you fail to Perceive the core mechanics to making a good AI creation. Zombies aren't very intelligent, so why worry about how "Smart" they look. This isn't Far-Cry or Crisis where the goal is to make it seem like the bot your facing is a real player, because,..well you can't fool a human into making a bot feel real,..because we already know it's a bot. What's a zombies only instinct? feeding. Look at "The Walking Dead." There's nothing fancy about there zombies, there just inconvenient, and what makes them dangerous? HORDES. I feel the life of the game will be the Survival, PVP and base building. Don't over work the zombies. Just make them vital to the game. Make them a nuisance . How? hording. Left for dead was a very successful and popular game. They didn't have super intelligent or unique zombies, they just had zombies, that got in the way of your goal. In short. Good AI = Decent Zombies, that look and feel like zombies, well optimized AI that become a nuisance and obstacle to your overall teams goals. Thank you for listening, and Please comment below with any suggestions and ideas that the Devs. can use to help them.
  6. I wanted to spot an idea well it's fresh in my mind. I'm big on referencing Titles to help others visualize what's in my head, I think it helps get my ideas passed a simple keyboard. The Division, Adventure Time, Hexen, Doom, Heretic, No Country For Old Men. They all tell the story in the background. Playing The Division, the amount of detail in the world is amazing. From "Detailed Missing Person Posters" to "Closed Diners that obviously use to be a memorable place in it's prime. The Detail is there. The story can be unfolded to a keen eye. Adventure time, is a cartoon that's set in a post apocalyptic world. You wouldn't know it at first, but millions of little background details like broken T.V.s to underground vault doors. You can put the puzzle together on what happened. The toll it's taken on the world. Food For thought- Easter eggs, and small details in Dead Matter could be an awesome addition to the world. Maybe a little broken story on how, this world came to be or events on what happened after. Ex. Newspapers laying around talking about problematic cults that formed after the outbreak. Newspaper Titles like "Bio Lab in Kenya Claims to hold the cure" or " Claims of Safe Haven In Georgia". Thank you For Listening, And comment below!
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