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Found 11 results

  1. As u can see while taking morphine the whole screen is just destroyed by the waiting UI. also, the inventory looks way too much-cramped making like some high amount of blur or some image would be great for better looks at the back also making the UI less bordered and less thick. making buttons much more plain and simple looking than destroyed. yeah, i understand, some can be destroyed themed but not every single thing in the UI should be destroyed theme u know. make a different section for everything like when the user clicks on backpack everything related to backpack weight pops up. health is everything about health and stats of player skills everything for skills and so on. everything is big sized & doesn't feel right u know what I am saying? I know someone is gonna be here saying this is not needed but this is true I care about the game and suggesting what's the best for it. sorry for trash English, i am not englishmen.
  2. Survivors settlements (like in Fallout 4 or other games) if these will exist in game then there should be some additions and things related to them I think in survivors settlements there should be: #1 Trade Zone if you want to trade with NPCs or even Players (if anyone wil be there) , get some tasks for the prize or make friends with someone (I think more about players) You should go right there... If settlement will be managed by army or other armed Bots then there should be one RULE - DO NOT take your weapon out of the holster! Then if if you get noticed with weapon in your hand you will be shoot ,because it is safezone THERE SHOULDN'T BE SOME KIND OF "PVP OFF" IN THIS ZONE - that's mean You should be aware of other players that can kill You for loot #2 Maybe it is unnecessary, but ... Possibility to rent a place to sleep [Shelther or flat] If you want to log out and you do not want to be killed I know that in Dead Matter there will be sleeping players after logging out of server by default Or even it would be nice if you could sleep on the ground, and nobody would kill you because it's a safe zone MAIN RULE - DO NOT take your weapon out of the holster! Then if if you get noticed with weapon in your hand you will be shot #3 Quest Board [or just NPC waiting withe quest] or something like that..... In Borderlands that was created in right way..whole game was awesome and is all time ,but it isn't survival game There was Side Quests [exclamation mark] and Main Story Missions [question mark] After completed mission you can choose your reward (Yeah I couldn't find example , but it was something like below with two rifles) But how does NPC know if you've done the task, then there should be proof delivering requirement of completed mission like someone's head, item,photo [if in game will be camera xd] #4 I would love to see mini Gambling games with NPC in some kind of pubs in survivors settlements, places, villages ,etc... Like playing Caravan or Blackjack in Fallout New Vegas I thought about winning someting if You win like ammo , weapons , supplies like food , drink ,medicine, gas , etc.. There should be something like the level of nervousness of NPCs when you win too often then They can get angry and kill You by themselves or letting mercenaries do it , too #5 Convoys of traders moving between settlements which you can rob, kill them all or just trade...
  3. Hey! First, I just want to compliment the devs on their transparency throughout the development process; it builds a great deal of trust. I'm curious as to how much emphasis you, the devs, are putting on music. For me, unique and quality soundtrack/effects are integral to any game, especially a survival/horror game. Thanks again folks.
  4. I want this game to be as realistic as possible then... let the determinant of the level of life will not be HP ,Health points , but BLOOD Lung shot should cause internal bleeding and eventually,ultimately asphyxiation, and sprained ankle croaking Heart shot should cause internal bleeding and eventually stopping blood flow We all know waht happen when you do not have helmet and get shot in the head... When you get shot with a bullet ,an arrow, hit by melee weapon or something that brakes tissues of your body you should start bo bleeding...then... " You can lose quite a bit of blood without experiencing any side effects or complications. The exact amount depends on your size, age, and general health. " How much blood can you lose without experiencing any side effects? Most adults can lose up to 14 percent of their blood without experiencing any major side effects or changes in vital signs. Some, however, may feel lightheaded or dizzy if this amount is lost quickly. How much blood can you lose before you begin to experience mild side effects? You’ll start to feel mild side effects, such as nausea, when blood loss reaches 15 to 30 percent of total blood volume. This amount of loss increases your heart and respiratory rates. Your urine output and blood pressure will be decreased. You may feel anxious or uneasy. Your body starts to compensate for blood loss by constricting the blood vessels in your limbs and extremities. This is your body’s attempt to maintain your blood pressure and blood flow. This subsequently lowers the amount of blood your heart pumps outside the center of your body. Your skin may become cooler and pale. How much blood loss can occur before you pass out? When blood loss nears 30 to 40 percent of total blood volume, your body will have a traumatic reaction. Your blood pressure will drop down even further, and your heart rate will further increase. You may show signs of obvious confusion or disorientation. Your breathing will be more rapid and shallow. As the volume loss climbs, your body may not be able to maintain circulation and adequate blood pressure. At this point, you may pass out. You’ll need help quickly to prevent additional blood loss and greater side effects. How much blood loss can occur before you go into hemorrhagic shock? Hemorrhagic, or hypovolemic, shock occurs when you’ve lost 20 percent or more of your total blood volume. Your symptoms will become more severe as the blood loss increases. You may experience: rapid breathing weakness or fatigue confusion cool, pale skin sweaty, moist skin anxiety or unease low urine output drowsiness unconsciousness Your body can’t compensate for much longer on its own in a blood volume loss over 40 percent. At this stage, your heart can’t properly maintain blood pressure, pumping, or circulation. Your organs may begin to fail without adequate blood and fluid. You’ll likely pass out and slip into a coma. How much blood loss can occur before you die? Without treatment measures, your body will completely lose its ability to pump blood and maintain oxygen delivery once you’ve lost about 50 percent of your blood volume. Your heart will stop pumping, other organs will shut down, and you’ll likely be in a coma. Death is likely if aggressive life-saving measures haven’t been taken. Your body can compensate for a good deal of blood loss. However, at a certain point, it shuts down unnecessary components in order to protect your heart. You’ll likely feel very fatigued in the moments before entering into a coma. If close to death, these feelings may not even be noticed. Sorry for copy paste , but that thread save me a lot of writing... https://www.healthline.com/health/how-much-blood-can-you-lose
  5. Should days be longer and more realistic or shorter to help with keeping the pace of the game? A longer day could be very beneficial, allowing to add more complex time-based features, but a shorter day might improve the overall pacing. Should it be editable? Note: I personally believe they should be longer, around 1-2 hours long. This is mainly because of a suggestion I had about food and water management shown below.
  6. Deus

    Lowered weapons

    Hey there, I'm not sure if it has been mentioned already, but lowered weapons when not using them would be cool. It may seem like a detail but it helps immersion a lot, and yet only few games have it. I'm posting a photo and a link to Fallout 4 Lowered Weapons Mod, because that is where I first stumbled into it. Became my number one favourite mod instantly haha. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/522/
  7. Hello, Dead Matter community. It's been awhile since I've posted but I just had a pretty good idea and I thought I'd share it with you guys, and see what the general opinion is. Toggle Mouse Lock For those that don't know, mouse lock is when your mouse entirely dictates where you aim- your pointer is pinned in the center of the game window you're in, so moving your mouse moves the camera. My idea here is to allow the player to use a key to toggle between two pointer aiming modes. I have attached very poorly drawn diagrams, to clear things up, because I am not good at communicating ideas. The two aiming modes are standard mouse lock and "free mouse area" modes. Locked mouse mode is like the current mode of moving the mouse and player camera (like gameplay footage showed and how 99% of 3D over-the-shoulder or first person games function). The "free mouse area" mode leaves a space for the player to move the mouse without moving the camera, allowing for refined aiming, and interacting with objects without moving their head. After leaving this area, the camera moves with the mouse like normal. This idea is mostly based on my understanding of how vehicles handle in Dead Matter, since the ability to move your mouse to something like the shift stick and drag that increases immersion, and also based on how you can adjust the way your gun moves in real life by moving your arms away from you. I feel as though it might be good to add, since it seems like an uncommon mechanic, and seems useful in Dead Matter.
  8. I don't know if am the first person to ask this question, but will the game be compatible with a controller ? Because if the game is going to be linked to are steam accounts then any controller we have program to are steam could be compatible too the game as will right?
  9. So you can hide and also so guns have no sway and less recoil, along with maby very slow heath regeneration?
  10. I think that maybe their should be some sort of craft able flashlight that you can charge on hand with a hand-powdered crank in a sorts of a way. The only down-side is the light would not illuminate the area as much as a traditional flashlight. I assume this would also be a viable option considering that batteries would not be so readily available as normal and instead you have to charge a rechargeable battery that might lose some sort of charge after a certain amount of cranks, Just an idea.
  11. When will you be releasing teasers? I don't think i would be the only one wanting to see more.. please publish more gameplay footage!
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