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Found 7 results

  1. This is a suggestion that realistically couldn't be in the game until at least early access. -First it would require making special and rare swords like a Katana, Seven-Branched Sword, etc -These swords would be like legendary items that would track kills like the legendary guns -There would not be any duplicate swords on a server -The swords could possibly spawn in a random house/landmark in something like a collectors case that would be armed and would make plenty of noise apon opening the case -The swords wouldn't be over powered or anything, but could more or less be a status symbol as there would only be on per server
  2. a ball and chain, zweihander, stuff like that. maybe you can add a katana and nunchucks. i think it would be really cool if you could have a bunch of these cool weapons. maybe you could reference games(like dark souls) with these weapons.
  3. I know modular guns are already going to be a thing, but I think it would be great if we could also customize our clothes and melee weapons. For example, if you want, let's say, a cape, all you got to do is find a sewing kit, a long strech of fabric of some sort, place it like you want on your jacket, t-shirt, etc. and sew it in place. If you want leather strips dangling from your outfit, same process. I think it would make the game much more enjoyable, if you care about details, because the oufit you put on would really be YOUR outfit. I can imagine situations like a clan having certain features on their outfit or things like that. That would be awesome.
  4. Hello everyone! I created a Dead Matter Master-list! So far it has the FAQ, confirmed Vehicles, Guns, Melee Weapons, and more! Almost everything listed has links to an image! I plan on keeping it updated and updating as we get more content, check it out! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_fe-Ll2TTE9Va0lduiFX6yRxdqREPobNbdUsRmhsFTw/edit?usp=sharing If you have any suggestions for categories or items to add, feel free to message me, Thanks, Onyx
  5. It makes sense for a weak improvised item such as a cheap table leg to break over time but not for the vast amount of what we find ourselves using in a lot of survival games. Something like a polymer axe should last you the duration of your run only requiring an occasional sharpen. Having items quickly break that are by design intended for vigorous use over a period of years is pretty cartoonish and usually symptomatic of a game's need to support a poor item economy and systems. I'd rather have realistically durable weapons be few and far between than just abundant but perpetually breaking ones. It's definitely to the detriment of immersion. Maybe item sharpening would be a good compromise so your weapons are subject to decreased effectiveness until remedied as opposed to having them pop into nonexistence mid swing. As I mentioned in the Discord, 'Monster Hunter occupies a great middle ground whereby your weapons don't break but you need to sharpen them now and again to keep them at peak DPS; this principle would be the same as keeping your firearm clean I suppose.' Perhaps we could have blade sharpening tools (stones, rods and pull-throughs) be a rarity to compliment this? We wouldn't even need to have an onscreen indicator to show how sharp or dull a weapon is. Perhaps having a key to inspect a weapon currently held can convey this through a certain animation, maybe the reload key could have this function when a melee weapon is held. A player character lightly touching a blade could indicate it is very sharp or them heavily running a thumb along it's edge could show that it is very blunt. I get that it's a game and so realism isn't necessarily intrinsic to a game being good or enjoyable but 'typical' item durability mechanics can come across as a wee bit contrived and immersion breaking; I know the lads want to make a concerted effort to avoid that in lots of other areas so why not here? I don't mean whether or not items should break; a lot of games have it where items that wouldn't break do, and it feels a little jarring. Of course using any old thing you can find as an improvised weapon should have a short lifespan as it's not purpose built as a weapon or to be physically durable. Something like an axe or a sledgehammer shouldn't have a problem with an indefinite amount of rotten heads I reckon. Food for thought Monster_Hunter_World_Sharpness_In-Depth!.mp4
  6. What if you could sneak up on player/zombies/npc and kill them silently and quickly instead of having to waste ammo or draw attention to yourself.
  7. Ok so I can only speak for myself here but, one of my issues with the ZS genre is the lack of depth to the melee systems I've seen thus far. I can't tell you how many times I have done the chicken dance with A.I and Players , clipping through them/ running around in circles and only a well timed (or just lucky )click decides the winner. I find this to be a unrewarding and by no means immersive. Am I saying to go complete Chivalry, not at all but perhaps including a few functions that make melee combat a little more skill based would add a level of satisfaction and validity to melee. for your consideration: Block: (tied to stamina pool maybe) Stealth take down unarmed/blunt: knock down or knockout perhaps Stealth take down armed/blades : kill. In all Z.S games that allow pvp guns are King. but if you have nothing but a kitchen knife and are sneaky enough to get the jump on them why not reward creative/skillful play. Melee Attacks in general can range from a fast attack (clicking) to a more forceful attack (hold click max 2 seconds) which carries more damage and reduces opponent stamina/ or block effectiveness. Push/shove/kick to gain distance without disengaging in the fight in PVP and gaining valuable time in PVE. Knock back effects and other collision effects like flinching, staggering and things of that nature, I feel give a player little momentary "wins" whether or not they lose a PVP fight and will also be just as satisfying in PVE . really its just about feeling the impact of the hits whether given or received. Ok so those are the things that seem like they wouldn't be overly demanding but I am defiantly not a Dev so I don't know if this kind of stuff is a pain to implement. In my dreams you could have a grapple/ tackle function and a dive and/or slide to help melee players get to cover faster but I think I've gone on long enough. I'll finish by saying, giving more tools to under geared players will give them more chances to use guile, and give them a chance to survive against players, and A.I that may be armed with guns. maybe I am waaayy off base here. what do you think peeps?
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