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  1. I Lived in Bragg Creek outside of Calgary for several years. I would like to Bring up what I think the places covered in forest or out of sight of the city's could have to give it a special feel. Cougars are something of regular thing out in the woods. Reports of cougars sights happen from time to time, I think it would be cool to add the element of things in nature trying to harm the player(s) as well rather then just Zombies or other players. They could be a less common find and they could lurk and follow the player(s) and attack! Living out in Bragg Creek you notice how things can get worn after years of being exposed to nature. wood becomes weaker and moldy. other things start to wear and fall off in parts like concrete. and moss and other plant life starts to grow on objects not being moved or used in years. I think this would make Things away from the city look more abandoned and creepy (assuming of course if the plague has been around for that long) In Bragg Creek Water was expensive we had water collectors and septic tanks because we had no pipes. (pipes were recently installed in some locations) but adding these cool things like water collectors that already exist that players woundnt have to build would be cool and something that i would look forward to. This idea could work both ways City and Rural. With pretty much no Humans left Animals could roam the streets. Packs of dogs could be found wandering either waiting for players to attack for their own survival or also attacking the Zombies? And maybe the could howl to announce themselves out in Rural zones as they hunt for other animals. Cats could be found simply running the streets or sitting on top structures. Rats could be found in industrial zones and sewers and drainage pipes and could maybe add the fear of disease? Thank You for looking into my ideas and I hope to see them added! - Matthew S. (Vulpes_Inculta._)
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