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Found 4 results

  1. Onyx


    My idea is to have useable calender's in the game. By this I mean give the player the ability to tale a calendar and either have it as a loose item that can be looked at, either through the inventory screen , by holding it in your hands, or by making it a separate, small screen in the UI. Either way, you would be able to flip through the months, and mark out days to keep track of both the seasons passing, and how long it's been since you've survived. Additionally, you'd be able to write in the days, which would be especially great for Role Player's, who can add things like character's birthdays. Small holidays appearing on calendars by default would also be a neat detail. Finally, to go along with the journal, if that will be a thing, it would be neat to be able to create a 'hand-drawn' version of the calendar, taking up, say, a page for every month.
  2. Welcome to the DeadMatterRp group. Whats DeadMatterRp? Well, it's self-explanatory this is a FAN-MADE Group that was made for those players who are interested in role-playing in this beautiful game. Here you can post your character sheets and discuss things about dead matter or zombie things. Some simple rules that must be followed "No Racism/Sexual-talk/Religion-Talk/Rude and unnecessary bullying" If you disobey those rules you will be kicked/ban. Have Fun and Survive the Dead! https://discord.gg/fCJaGDt
  3. What are you looking forward to doing most in Dead Matter? Killing people/zombies? Driving around and seeing the map, flying, boating, walking, etc. (If there is already a thread like this I'm sorry but I couldn't find a way to search for it)
  4. Greetings everyone! I have always found myself attracted to the lore and story of a world more than the gameplay aspect of a game. When I was a lad, I always found the talking parts of Call of Duty more interesting than the shooting bits. Everytime I watched a movie, I always found myself thinking things like, "who made that prototype stealth ship? How much did it cost? What kind of society would allow this to happen? Who holds the power? What is the Democracy Index of this government? How does this city generate electricity? Where does the money come from? What is the economic incentive in building a moon colony? Where do they grow the food?" And so forth. It's no surprise that I found myself attracted to cinematic-type games and RPG's with a deep, believable worlds like The Elder Scrolls. Indeed, the environmental storytelling in those games were some of the best I've ever seen in any game so far. So many moments in Skyrim and Fallout can have you pause and wonder what happened, or what was going on in a certain location before the war. Just seeing a skeleton sitting on a bench looking at the sea with a cigarette in its hands just makes you think of who that was before the bombs fell. So when it comes to Dead Matter, one of the things that I'm naturally the most excited about is exploring this fictional world the wonderful devs create. I am very glad that the devs are using the Unreal Engine, and even gladder that they have such depth and commitment to making this world as believable as possible. While I am not making the game, and I am sure some of these things have already been thought of, I thought that for the sake of myself and others who may share the same affection for immersion and story, I might as well post all the little things that I feel can help improve the environmental storytelling in the game a ton. At least to get it off my chest. So without further ado, here we go... 1. Traffic Jam on the Highway More importantly, a traffic jam on ONE SIDE of the highway. I can't imagine why anybody would want to stay put in a huge city during a Zombie apocalypse. So having hundreds of abandoned cars for miles heading outbound on the interstate would make sense. Who would want to stay in the city? Why not rush to the safety of the countryside? Visit friends and family? Or maybe make a mad-dash to the airport before the last planes leave? Of course, other people thought of this too. So now all that remains of the highway is a miles-long traffic jam to nowhere. 2. No Gas Well duh! If everyone tries to get out of the city, everybody is going to need one thing. GAS! The modern supply system is amazing. It can provide you oranges in the winter and winterberries in the summer. Of course, there's only one thing it can't handle. A shock to the system. We've all seen pictures of gas lines. It only makes so much sense that there'd be no gas in the apocalypse. Oh yes, another thing. Don't forget to put that plastic bag on the gas handles that say "Out of Order!" VERY important detail. Game-breaking, if you ask me. 3. School's Out Forever In many emergency situations, local high schools, colleges, universities, and sports stadiums become temporary emergency shelters. This makes sense. They have the space. They're public. They have the facilities to take care of people. They have a kitchen. And everybody knows where the are. So do the zombies unfortunately. Bad for the people there. Good for the zombies. (NOTE to devs: Don't use the American flag!) 4. Mass Graves Of course you gotta have the mass grave be behind the creepy farm! DUH! Farms are creepy. A real no-brainer. 5. Empty Stores I still think there's too much stuff in this store. Unless the people had to leave in a hurry. Hmmmmm... Environmental storytelling, perhaps? (Picture is actually the supermarket set from World War Z. Pretty cool, huh? Looks like a real photo. Hollywood sure knows how to make stuff look believable.) 6. Emergency News Channels/National Alert System It would be interesting to see frozen TV screens (if the power is on of course) of official "news" programs that got cut-out, leaving just an image pasted on the television. Or more likely, a screen of the "Emergency Alert System" or whatever Canada's equivalent is displaying important "evacuation information" and government messages. It would be cool to walk by a TV store and all the TV's have a big logo, scary beeping sounds and a computer voice saying, "This is the National Alert System. A highly contagious pathogen has been detected in your area. If you live in the following municipalities of Churchill, Erikson, Gretna, Grandview, Manitou, Rapid City, Rossburn, Snow Lake..." and etc. I think hearing that voice really hits home. We've all heard that sound before and seen the weather alerts on TV. Imagine if they all warned of a zombie pandemic! I think it would increase the believably of the game world a ton. Well, that's all I can think of off the top of my head! I'm sure there's a lot more things that can be done, and I'm sure I've covered most of the major ones. The only other things I can think of is abandoned military convoys, personal letters scattered throughout the world, and fake newspaper headlines saying things like "PANDEMIC SPREADS TO CANADA" inside those little newspaper boxes on the streetcorners. You know, just little stuff like that that may not get noticed by a lot of people, but if noticed, really adds a ton to the credibility of the world. Thanks for reading!
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