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  1. Thick Clothing As Armor Hello, Dead Matter community! Today I suggest to you the use of normal clothing as the primary means of armor. The idea summed up is to have clothing thickness deter damage from blunt melee weapons and zombies/zombie bites. The thicker the clothing, the more difficult it is for a zombie to bite through your clothing. This contributes to gameplay because it allows the dev team to keep the game realistic by not adding in plentiful riot gear and bullet proof vests and still give players a means of protection. It also can provide more options for player choice, since thicker clothing tends to be meant for the winter. This means that during the summer, the player may have to choose whether to risk overheating by wearing thick, safe clothing or risk taking more damage by wearing cooler, thin clothing.
  2. Hello, Thank you for taking the time to review my suggestion and hopefully provide some input. As the thread title suggests, I'd like to propose adding hot air balloons to the game. The purpose of this suggestion has multiple intended gameplay effecting aspects including: Ability to use as "Stash" for items (when tethered to a winch system it would stay afloat as long as there was fuel for the burners and could be brought back down with the winch, or slowly brought down by damaging it [shooting holes in the Balloon, loud but effective with multiple rounds]) A quiet rooftop escape route, assuming wind direction and speed are simulated in the game. Transportation/Scouting/Aerial Shooting Platform. Assuming the possibility of these functions, it could be used as a way to escape your base when/if overrun by infected saving some of your gear but sacrificing a majority of it to a reclamation effort. Calgary has its' own Hot Air Balloon company, so it fits the lore of the area. Pros: Transportable by pick up truck, aerial transport, vantage point/scouting, could be attached to a winch or rope to tether to an area or vehicle, hard to reach stash/base bug out. Cons: Easily seen by other players, slow/lack of control (assuming wind direction and speed affect it), fuel consumption/weight limits, very little protection. I think with possibilities like the ones I've suggested and suggestions other contributors to this post may have, would allow it to be a functional, balanced mid-tier vehicle, that is at the same time somewhat situational, but also provides other advantages to make it a viable tool to incorporate in our survival tactics in Dead Matter. Thanks again for taking the time to read my suggestion.
  3. 1. A sort of penetration system based on bullet shape, trajectory, size and speed. a 5.56 will pen something a 9mm or .45 acp can't. pistols and shotguns can penetrate basic wood and car doors while high powered rifles can rip through walls and engine blocks, sandbags, ect. in order to counter this you can find sandbags and metal sheets in the world to place in car doors or near windows to protect from high caliber ammunition. 2. You can also add types of ammo like penetrators, tracers, hollow points, and a mix of in between. Penetrators will go through thicker materials, hollow points will have significantly less penetration for armors but will cause massive damage to unarmored targets, tracers can be seen while shot and will ignite flammables. 3. in addition to civilian transports add very rare military vehicles. No tanks or jets but maybe a UN Humvee with lets say a .50 cal or a 20mm mounted on top(no guns on top would be common, .50 would be uncommon, and 20mm would be rare) A military transport vehicle, and maybe a Huey or black hawk transport helicopter (with possible lmg/hmg mounts but make it more rare). 4. Add the ability to find and place lmg/hmg platforms. Ex. you find a .50 cal platform in a military base or a mg42 in some weird underground bunker and you can mount it anywhere (be it a street for an ambush or a window/watch tower/roof for base defense.) 5. Spotlights for night time to illuminate surroundings to blind oncoming hordes/bandits. 6. maybe barbed wire that you can put below windows and railings so undead/bandits cant climb into said window *if any of these suggestions are in the game my bad chief*
  4. As u can see while taking morphine the whole screen is just destroyed by the waiting UI. also, the inventory looks way too much-cramped making like some high amount of blur or some image would be great for better looks at the back also making the UI less bordered and less thick. making buttons much more plain and simple looking than destroyed. yeah, i understand, some can be destroyed themed but not every single thing in the UI should be destroyed theme u know. make a different section for everything like when the user clicks on backpack everything related to backpack weight pops up. health is everything about health and stats of player skills everything for skills and so on. everything is big sized & doesn't feel right u know what I am saying? I know someone is gonna be here saying this is not needed but this is true I care about the game and suggesting what's the best for it. sorry for trash English, i am not englishmen.
  5. I would be pretty cool if u could sneak up to a zombie and kill it without other zombies noticing you
  6. Here is an example of how it could work: Say you need an extra inventory slot temporarily along with a stamina and slight health boost. You could take an adrenaline injection (probably found in hospitals/pharmacies) and this injection would, as stated above, give you what is basically a stamina and strength boost. There would be a catch, however. After the adrenaline runs out (maybe 5 minutes give or take), your player would have a decrease in stamina and movement speed for a certain amount of time after the adrenaline wheres off, as in real life. This could also work with caffeine. You find caffeine pills or drink sodas and your stamina/energy improves for awhile, but then once it runs out your player has lower stamina temporarily. Painkillers can be the outlier as I am not sure about any noticeable side-effects that could be noticeable in a video-game. But maybe they could make it so you can take more damage to your health, and when the painkillers run off, you end up being in worse condition than before and need to get real medical attention.
  7. here is a quick suggestion. what about a sewing machine to create different types of cloths for practical uses e.g. jumpers for the rain, a scarf for the winter and t shirts, shorts and a hat for the summer. but also you could customise your cloths by changing the colour. the sewing machine would need a power source. also you would need to find the different materials here are some suggestions where you could find the cloth and other materials , at a fabric shop, from other zombies, in factories you could also make your own cloth from a weaving machine using raw fibres of wool, flax, cotton or hemp. another suggestion is adding a skill level for the sewing machine because they can be quite difficult to use if you have never used one before.
  8. I am sure this has been mentioned before but I have just started backing the game and noticed the planned UI. I think it would be a bit of a waste to use the standard survival game UI used in so many other games, especially considering how great this game is looking to be. I would suggest going for a list system or visual system that displays all the 3D models of your items kinda rotating on the screen in your inventory. I am sure the devs can think of something cool in the mean time though. Thoughts?
  9. So I tought about something that would make the game much more realistic. The players shouldn't be able to take, for example, 100 logs in their inventory. It would be much more realistic if we had to use, let's say a wheelbarrow or a vehicle's trunck to carry big amounts of stuff around. Also, it would be nice to have the possibility to throw stuff. Taking the same example as above, the player would cut a tree, saw it, etc and then throw the logs in the wheelbarrow to carry it elsewhere.
  10. Will there be any mention or any type of NPC from the Canadian Joint Incident Response Unit (Nuclear, biological and chemical warfare defence) ? It's pretty much the last defence for biological and chemical attacks will they be a thing in Game? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Joint_Incident_Response_Unit
  11. I have been wondering what's the character creation going to be like, is it going to just be a selection of different ethnic groups? African, Asian, Caucasian, etc. Could we adjust the facial features and the body? the height, arm length, legs, the chest?.. the booty? I want my character to be thicker than a bowl of oatmeal. So how much freedom do we have on character creation? The character creation is a big win for me. I don't know if you guys know the game Black Desert but it has the best character creation I've seen here's a video I'm not expecting Dead Matters character creation to be something close to this but I hope that we would have the freedom to modify our characters similar to this. What do you guys think?
  12. Once the game is out, I think it would be a great idea to arrange map making contests. These maps could be added to the base map (participants would have to make them blend in) or accessible by air or water, for island maps (really common in B-C and Alaska) or by tunnels trough the rockies, which would be unclimbable at a certain point. That would be great, because there would always be more space to explore and we would never get bored. Also, you wouldn't have to do the work. However, bigger maps would mean bigger servers, but I have a solution to that. Once you arrive in a server, you'd have to choose your location between different territories/regions (which could be IRL existing regions, for example, the base map would be south-western alberta) and each of these territories would be a "sub-server" (there would have a cinematic/loading screen each time you change region). If you make that suggestion a reality, the game would be much more complete, realistic and immersive. At some point, maybe the whole continent, maybe even the whole world could be in the game, even tho it would take time. Thanks in advance!
  13. I've been looking around the internet and found a interesting makeshift cudgel made of newspaper, and a brick. Probably great as a starting blunt weapon. Maybe not great against zombies from being so primitive. Edit: You could also fill the thing with coins, pebbles, and wet the thing to make it denser, and clamp a rock or a brick to make it a actual cudgel.
  14. Hello, Dead Matter community. My idea today is to allow printing presses to be restored, so large enough groups or powerful enough groups have the option of producing currency again. The idea is inspired by how in Fallout, the New California Republic had restarted old world printing presses to make formal standardized currency. The requirements are simply that enough power and ink and paper is given to the press, and it will produce a prefab variety of bill designs. The function of formal money would be just to act as a benchmark of progress made rebuilding the world. It also is a display of power and size to have money being manufactured and used in your colony/colonies. It's pretty good for immersion and realistic playthroughs on servers. Also, money could maybe be used as fuel for fires if the colony that produced the currency ever falls. I know that it's kind of alot of work to get the printing press working, in the event that it does get added to the game, and as a result it'd be perceived as a useless feature by most people on the forums. There is probably going to be a sentiment that this would be pointless and just extra work and a waste of time, space, and lines of code/script, but I believe that this would really help with immersion and add just a really nice touch to a survivor colony when the printing press is gotten working. Edit: TO BE CLEAR, I'M NOT SUGGESTING MAKING THIS THE ONLY CURRENCY. I fully understand the usefulness of a normal barter system or player-declared currency. This would just be to be fancier than other groups, and to free up other items from being used as currency.
  15. I think for dead matter that it would be nice to have certain forms of cover be able to be penetrated such as fences, wooden doors ect. Now I am NOT suggesting the destruction of objects that are shot through but simply the ability to shoot through said objects. And it doesn't even have to be applied to all objects, just fences, wooden doors, flipped up tables, ect. In conclusion, the only weapons that should be able to penetrate these objects could be just rifles. PS: If this has already been suggested then please let me know.
  16. Hey. Maybe explosions could do something like blur your screen and make the game's render be slightly delayed, like everything slows down then speeds back up in the render but not the actual loading, something like that. Cool screen effects. Hard day so this idea's brief.
  17. List of Suggestions I have. This is pretty much the summed-up list, I plan to go into more detail below. I'll be updating this fairly often. Suggestions in red, explanations/details in piss yellow. Quality of Life enhancements Sports and Games Kicking/Throwing items. Creates unmatched immersion and reasons to avoid conflict; Mitigates boredom in safety. Leisure activities Swinging, biking, etc. Keeps the player occupied. Immersion is nice. Bigger Threats Wild animals Predators and prey. Things like bears, deer, rabbits, etc. which can be used as a food source for players, or perhaps a source for pelts. Scare-away Life Valuing AI Try to heal Entities will try to survive for the sake of surviving. They will try to take cover or flee to heal. Try to take cover Intelligent entities, such as NPCs, will take cover to live longer. Loud noises and fire (scare away or attract?) Loud noises and fire scare away animals. However, they attract looters and bandits. NPCs intimidated by guns Bullets are rare, and guns in general. You don't know if the other person has a loaded weapon or not, but finding out is a bad idea. If a gun is fired and no bullet comes out, the NPCs are no longer intimidated. Fight or flight NPCs decide on their own accord to fight, flee, or surrender, depending on what the player has done to other NPCs and on their own personal preference. If the player character dismembered every member of the community, don't surrender. If there are alot of players around, fleeing is pretty dumb- Attempt to resist. Natural World Dangerous weather Disease? Maybe not disease. Nutrition Diet and exercise. Mitigation of threats Struggle System If a single animal or zombie attacks from directly in front, and the player presses a trigger key in the right moment, they can struggle with the player. Like Telltale Games' TWD zombie encounters. Spam clicking between right and left click and then swiping the mouse towards the direction you want to push the enemy in. Can save the player's life or just distract the player for another entity to attack from behind. Pushing/Shoving Walk into a crowd, push/shove entities away. Like V in Dead Island. Eventually the pusher may get overwhelmed. Would consume stamina/energy to push/shove. Can't really push things behind you. Revamped Foodometers Food Temporarily Stops Hunger Drain Timer for more fulfilling and nutritious food to stop the hunger drain. A large meal like steak will keep your hunger from draining for a long time, even if you're not entirely filled. Food Affects Temperature Cold food makes you cold, hot food heats you up. Same with Water Or all drinks, really. Health based on blood loss too Pretty sure that's already included in advanced med system Healing increases with more blood in your body. Important to stop bleeding. I like the way this person phrases foodmeters: Lived-in Worlds Family Photos Generated based on zombies in the house, or if the house is empty, randomly generated. Use a variety of "painted" layers for different features. Environmental Story-Telling Put some things around the house. Divorce papers, financial papers Can't really be read due to ink bleed. School bags and generic books. Blood stains or vomit stains, buckets, pre-existing home improvements/damage. Turned person locked in a room. Wallets and Driver's Licenses Generated same system as portraits. Per person. Maybe use text based on selected rand-gen appearance. NPC routes, supply runs, sandboxing Cannibalism when out of food Last resort effort. NPCs go scavenging in groups. Bring items back home. Can be intercepted and robbed. NPC reactions to emotes Flipping off an NPC makes them walk away or turn aggro. Maybe affinity system? True Competition Uncommon Food / Water Usually spoiling or rotten Can still be found frequently but not too frequently. Most common in gas stations, grocery stores, etc. Rare Bullets So it's not DayZ deathmatch style gameplay, and to make melee weapons your primary means of defense. Also makes zombies more of a threat. Infrequent Guns Guns mostly found in gun stops, occasionally in homes. Uncommon because of how many people took their guns with them and held them on their person at all times. Maybe rarely a gun is on an NPC and can be taken from them. Maybe don't need to kill them, just sneak up and activate it. Same for zombies. Rare dedicated melee weapons Instead of improvising a weapon, swords and machetes and stuff. Machetes are tools for overgrowth control, so aren't extremely rare. Axes too. NPCs compete for resources Cannibalism last resort Need to use entire food supply or most of it to resort to cannibalism. Animals also compete for resources Shelter, water, food Warn player when in territory or near claimed kills. Try to steal kills. Growling, usually. Preference to eat corpses instead of things that can put up a fight Threatens the player with starvation though. Regional Items Manufacturing Plants Can be slowly repaired, though difficult, and then need constant maintenance, people watching the machines, materials to manufacture, and supply of power. In manufacturing plants, you can find more of the item they were used to produce. Controlled Electric Plant grids Regions can be turned on and off for the power plant. To give a region power, it must be adjacent to another powered block. Can be controlled through a computer at the electric plant. Attacking and controlling an electric plant can allow deactivation of the power plant in key locations. Very strategic location to control. Kinds of Loot Based on Geography Different stores = different loot. Different forests = different tree types, different locally grown berries/wild vegetables. Rich areas = less but better guns. Hunting areas = more guns. More of the Same Items in the Same Place More food in the fridge Go with locational loot. Probably rotten by now. Much more food in a cellar food cabinet Less likely to have been looted, less likely to be rotten. A little more food in a garage fridge Less likely to have been looted. Probably rotten though. Common individual bullets on the floor of gun shops Can't grab all the bullets when you're in a hurry to leave. Not much but every round helps. Designated item-placing areas for clever hiding Incorporating procedural item placement into manual spawn points for loot Boxes where items can spawn, instead of manual spawn points. A box covering the entire area on top of a shelf means an item can spawn anywhere on the shelf. Would work good with physics enabled loot, since if something spawns on the edge of something, it can fall. Long-Term Goals Cell Tower (for working phones) Need power, maintenance. Can be taken down by flipping a really big switch. Can be also used to extend range of radios. Only effective in a certain range. Working Phones (for communication- please, no apps or anything) (walkie talkies with full duplex and the ability to send and receive pictures or gifs) Footage taken in-game. Mostly for reconnaissance. Good for large communities working on expanding territory. Also good in large scale wars. Resurrecting factories Machine reparation Go with Manufacturing Plants. NEAT LINKS: These are ideas that I really think are wonderful and could contribute to the game. It is very difficult for ideas, especially older ones on here, to get even so much as looked at, so I linked the best ones here so others could see them, even though chances are this post itself will only ever have been seen by the 20 people who already looked at it. Especially check out the Jstar links, the dude has some brilliant ideas that would be awesome to implement. I'm pretty sure the environmental story telling is confirmed but it's included anyways because it's still a good idea. HERE ARE SOME OF MY IDEAS
  18. REGULAR BODILY MAINTENANCE Hello, Dead Matter forums community. Today I'd like to present the idea of body maintenance. This is a very politically correct way to phrase bodily functions, and an umbrella term to cover a suite of small ideas, which if implemented properly could give a deal of immersion to the game unrivaled by any other survival game. What this suggestion does entail is urination, defecation, nutrition, a pain system, and [fairly] proper cleansing. That stated, the suggestions below will be separated into categories which discuss each idea one at a time, and go into depth. I will avoid to the best of my ability "gross" things, but with the nature of the ideas, there may be some disgusting imagery or descriptions. URINATION is my first idea. The idea, as one would assume, is to have the player regularly pee dependent on a variety of variables. These variables would include hydration, sodium intake, and liquid intake. The less sodium intake, the more liquid intake, and the better hydrated the player is, the more often the player would need to urinate. How this contributes to the game is giving a scheduled moment of vulnerability to the player. The player needs to find a safe place to urinate, since they would stand still to urinate. Otherwise, the player is visible, and occupied, being a good target for hungry zombies or animals. Issues with this idea, though, are animations- Third person onlookers would likely not want to see nudity, and neither would the player. A solution to this is to use a Sims-esque style of censorship using blurring, but this conflicts with immersion. If you like the idea of urination in-game and have an idea of how to allow it without showing nudity, please reply below. DEFECATION is my second idea. It also is based around many variables. The player would be compelled to take a few moments to poo, which the frequency is determined by food intake and liquid intake as well as fiber intake. The way this contributes to gameplay is very similar to urination, in that the player will have a moment of vulnerability regularly to go to the bathroom. This idea holds the same flaws, as well as the flaw of having to have poo be physically rendered in the game world. NUTRITION is my third idea. Nutrition ties into the previous suggestions, as frequency of bathroom goings is dependent on nutrition. Nutrition is simply setting a variety of variables to food items in order to impact other in-game features relating to food items. Such variables would include sodium, hydration, healthfulness, and fiber (healthfulness being a scale between 0 and 1 where 0 is junk food and 1 is healthy food). This contributes to the game by adding room for the player to make decisions of what they will eat, and what they will loot and take with them to eat later. This adds thought into the usual mechanic of eating food items to fill a fullness bar. Another nutritional value would be fullness, a value determining how long until the player's hunger meter begins to go down, which would go hand-in-hand with the stock mechanic of "+ hunger points". The higher the fullness value of the food, the longer the wait until a player has room to eat again. The flaw with this idea is that the player would need to be careful about the food they take in, which could be un-fun to players who like simplistic gameplay, which is a large portion of people. My fourth suggestion is an IN-DEPTH PAIN SYSTEM, which I did casually mention on the Dead Matter discord quite often. At the time, I was concerned the idea would be unpopular, but now the idea is ready for promotion. The IDPS, or In Depth Pain System, would take advantage of the medical system teased by the Dead Matter Kickstarter by adding the ability for individual body parts to feel pain, and allowing this pain to take the place of health in certain situations. Pain is a variable which would hold various thresholds, unlocked at different pain values. The variable is temporary, going away on its own over time after any injuries are repaired. Pain is created by the player taking any sort of damage to a body part, though it may not directly correlate with damage. For instance, a moderate cut on one's arm would not put the person significantly closer to death, but it would make the person want to use the injured portion of the arm less, or if the pain is harsh enough, disable it. This is the system I suggest to you. At a low scale, a small camera effect might be applied to the player's screen. At a moderate scale, the player controls could become limited by their pain, walking slower from a hurt leg or barely being able to swing a bat since one arm hurts badly. At the worst scale of pain on the individual body part level, the body part becomes nearly disabled. On a body scale or affecting the head of the player, the player may become totally disabled for brief and random moments, simulating deep pain such as that experienced in a real life migraine. This contributes to the gameplay since it allows the developers to hurt the player without bringing them closer to death. However, it could be seen as un-fun due to making an incautious player frustrated. My final suggestion for today is CLEANSING, or making sure the player takes care of themselves physically. This simply implies the player wipes after pooping, brushes their teeth once every few days (as is customary for an apocalypse), washing blood off, and replacing clothing every few days. Small things like this result in creating small routine tasks for the player to manage, making players feel occupied and immersed in the world. This idea is flawed in that the player may feel inconvenienced by these tasks, as they are repetitive. My remedy to this flaw is to have the maintenance be irregular, loosely scheduled, have minor, rectifiable effects over time, and to have the tasks be able to have a long delay in between being performed before negative health effects (such as illness vulnerability) are given to the player. Sorry if any of this sounds ramble-like, since I was typing while listening to a few videos in the background. Please tell me what you think of these ideas, and feel free to give criticisms for either the ideas or the format they're presented. Thank you for reading, have a very nice day. Edit: Here's a cool idea that this could go hand in hand with. Check out Addiction!
  19. Hello, Dead Matter community. It's been awhile since I've posted but I just had a pretty good idea and I thought I'd share it with you guys, and see what the general opinion is. Toggle Mouse Lock For those that don't know, mouse lock is when your mouse entirely dictates where you aim- your pointer is pinned in the center of the game window you're in, so moving your mouse moves the camera. My idea here is to allow the player to use a key to toggle between two pointer aiming modes. I have attached very poorly drawn diagrams, to clear things up, because I am not good at communicating ideas. The two aiming modes are standard mouse lock and "free mouse area" modes. Locked mouse mode is like the current mode of moving the mouse and player camera (like gameplay footage showed and how 99% of 3D over-the-shoulder or first person games function). The "free mouse area" mode leaves a space for the player to move the mouse without moving the camera, allowing for refined aiming, and interacting with objects without moving their head. After leaving this area, the camera moves with the mouse like normal. This idea is mostly based on my understanding of how vehicles handle in Dead Matter, since the ability to move your mouse to something like the shift stick and drag that increases immersion, and also based on how you can adjust the way your gun moves in real life by moving your arms away from you. I feel as though it might be good to add, since it seems like an uncommon mechanic, and seems useful in Dead Matter.
  20. Musical Instruments Credit to RuralUrban for his post on instruments in general. My suggestion here is another Quality of Life idea, for players to be able to do something in game during periods of peace and prosperity. I suggest musical instruments and their ability to be played one note at a time like real instruments. The idea here is that it will provide a hobby for players to learn that will be complex to master, to keep players from getting bored during peacetime and safety.
  21. Generic Zombie Generic Zombie, is a person who has been killed and reanimated by a pathogen, often, but not always due to a virus. They are usually aggressive. They can be curious, but disorientated, and at a loss to fully understand their environment. Walkers Walking Zombies are basically synonymous with generic zombies. They may not be as immediately threatening as Runners, but they tend to attack in groups, and have astounding durability which makes them a major threat to humans. Runners Runner Zombies are Zombies that have the ability to run at a full sprint. This ability separates them (in dealing with them, and in classification) so much, that leading minds disagree whether they should even be considered Zombies at all. Fast Infected quickly gain ground on survivors and bring them down, either killing them or disabling them and leaving them for the slower Walkers. A survivor should never try to outrun the Runners, since they do not tire like humans do. Some theorists propose runners are newly-made zombies that have not begun the process of decaying yet, and therefore still have most human capabilities. The only way to stop them from running is to disable their legs through severing large muscle groups, major bones, or completely severing their Pukers/Vomiters Vomiters or Pukers are related to Spitters in that they are the one of the few zombies with a ranged attack: in this case, vomiting. The range of the vomit depends on the type of zombie, from just being able to vomit off a roof below, to massive range. Vomit tends not to do any damage, it's primary function is to infect if it is not dealt with quickly. It also has a secondary function, being very irritating if it gets into the eyes or mouth of the survivors. Beware when you look up. The Vomiter Zombies' clothes are usually drenched in vomit and are mutated for the purpose of vomiting, making them weak, slow, and visible. They usually also make belching and vomiting ambient noises when nearby. The Vomiters can also claw if their prey is too close. Beware when battling Vomiters, as although they may take time to vomit, the vomit can serve as a distraction while the other zombies attack. Do not let your guard down, stay focused. Do not let the vomit get inside you, as you could become a zombie too. Their claw attack isn't usually very powerful, so don't worry about that too much. Stalkers Stalkers are a more feral type of Zombie. Stalkers are quadrupedal, which means they move on all fours. Nothing is known as to the cause of the animal-like movement. A popular theory is that the Zombie's brain has degraded so far that it stepped back on the evolutionary chain, reducing them to unnatural locomotion. This movement shakes and jerks their heads around, making them harder to hit with a ballistic weapon. This also increases their speed, making them faster than standard Walkers, but slower than Runners. Due to their lowered profile, they may be harder to spot in tall grass and dark environments, and due to their reduced intelligence, even below a walker's, they attack anything living on sight, be it an Animal or a Human. The only creature not assaulted by them is their own specification of zombie. One example is a Hunter from Left 4 Dead. Spitters Spitters are types of undead that have the ability to launch toxic and caustic liquid out of their mouths to hit unsuspecting targets. The most dangerous part about a Spitter is that they have the capability to perform a ranged attack, which is something that not a lot of other types of zombies can do. Their attacks can severely burn, as well as infect, humans that are unfortunate enough to come face to face with one of these monstrosities. A Spitter's attack is very powerful and unique. Typically, a Spitter uses congealed stomach acid or some other type of acidic liquid to attack at a medium range. Some Spitters can even launch their globs of acid the length of a football field! The way to differentiate a Spitter from any other type of zombie is that Spitters usually have tattered clothes or burned body parts from a past attack. They can also make a distinguishable gurgling sound and may have their acid dripping out of their mouths if it is in excess. The safest way to battle a Spitter, as well as any type of zombie for that matter, is to snipe it from a far-away position so that it doesn't have the chance to retaliate. It's best to abstain from fighting at close range with Spitters, since they will undoubtedly have the opportunity to lob a nasty pile of acid right into the face of their attacker. Exploders Exploders are zombies that can either willingly explode on their target or explode when shot or attacked with a melee weapon. Most Exploders have a build-up of explosive gas in their digestive tract, due to the constant decay of flesh and other body parts. Exploders are especially dangerous at close range because of their ability to send infectious materials and bone fragments in all directions when it's their time to go. It's best for a survivor to take out Exploders from a far range so that their explosion does not affect them. Armored zombies [Swat,Soldiers] Armored zombies are simply types of zombie with natural or artificial armor, giving them far superior durability and resistance to attack. They can range from bloated, fat zombies, to body-armored former police, to entirely different, yet similarly-protected creatures, and generally serve as meatshields, whether intentionally or not, for the horde. One should make sure they go for any weak spots on these zombies bodies. Bibliography: http://zombie.wikia.com/wiki/Types_of_Zombies
  22. The ability to carry hold two pistol would be awesome but only certain pistols like the M9 Beretta and a Glock or carry a pistol in one hand and hold a flashlight in the other so u don’t have to switch from your flashlight/torch to your melee weapon or gun.
  23. It would be pretty awesome to find flares that supply crate which would be random what time of supplies it would drop like food supply crate or construction supply crate and they only way to get these are from military places or military zombies which are rare for them to drop.
  24. In almost all other games based aroudn survival the base building is minimal and when you come across a base it looks fucking wierd and out of place pleas emake it so the player made shit looks like it shoulod belong not just some wier wooden structure that stands out and ruins the feel of the survival game
  25. Assuming that since there will be AI settlements there will also be NPC vendors, Instead of using cash, or some other post-apocalyptic currency like bottlecaps or casino tokens, I think NPC vendors should use a bartering system and require the player to trade item for item. It would make more sense in a world of small groups and settlements that the value of a standard currency would plummet in favor of bartering, as a standard currency really only works in larger societies with a stable economy. If items were assorted categorically then vendors in settlements could be in need of different categories of items at different times. Today, this settlement would be in need of weapons and would want to trade for bats and pistols, but another day they may be low in medical supplies and want to trade for those instead. The inverse could also be true to determine what items they have for trade, as a settlement may one day have more food than they need so that's what they would be trading that day. Additionally, this would give more value to wandering traders in the world (assuming they'll exist) as they could be interested in multiple item types and have a more diverse stock to choose from, making them more flexible to trade with. Edit: Or if settlements are meant to have designated vendors for different items, then make all the vendors of that settlement want to trade for the item type of the day. Then have the designated vendor that usually sells that item type be unwanting to trade due to no stock. Edit 2: Maybe only trading with and for specific item types would be too restricting, at least for general items. Perhaps instead adjust the value and vendor stock of specific items on a somewhat random rotation. That way more items will be available for trade at any time, but specific items are worth more or less based on a simulated supply and demand cycle. Settlement traders could have larger stock and overvalue fewer specific items, while wandering traders will have lower stock but overvalue more specific items.
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