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Found 2 results

  1. While Trains is a already confirmed feature and therefore inappropriate for posting in "suggestions" for this discussion I wish to talk about my feeling on the Realism/Balance/Entertainment factors. I expect this to be long and might even cover many posts here is a (TLDR or)summery : Realistic derailment would literally derail the fun out of trains. Calgary has a subway that transitions into a Lightrail system. If the rail network must be a realistic one track system I would recommend frequent siding to prevent blockages/crashes however I would recommend a two track system for reasons I hope to explain in detail later. There appears to be a large rail yard in Calgary, that can be used as inspiration for locations. Realistic refueling would be tedious. (also realistic fuel consumption is massive at about three gallons a mile) The nature of track. Other considerations. Part 1 Derailment. =============== While I can understand derailment as a deterrent for the reckless and I have an idea on how to have subdued derailment, I wish to warn against realistic and dramatic derailments. In short such dramatic crashes would be a real pain to fix and might even cause unnecessary psychics stress. Even if this was addressed by the train teleporting back onto the track after a few seconds you now, well have teleporting trains. (seriously that's a lot of equipment and hassle for realistic fixing) On the opposite end you have the train NEVER derailing, practically encouraging players to drive at full speed at all times with the trains coming to a sudden stop when colliding with a buffer or another train. While this could cause damage to the train, it seems weird to me. I purpose "light" derailing even allowing train bandits if you so choose to put on derailers meant for safety concerns for nefarious means. this same type of derailment would also happen when exceeding speeds on the tighter turns, or crashes. This even allows the "model" to not stray from the cess (the edge of the ballast), now this next bit will come off as a bit "memey" but bear with my reasoning. I recommend that to get a derailed railcar/locomotive back onto the track to use a "train jack" and yes I am aware this is in the realm of turning nine diamonds into a block, but I belive this to ultimately be balanced, punishing reckless driving, allowing a derailed train to not simply run away in a few seconds, nor for it to take a few REAL hours to fix. You have to grab your tool, EXIT the locomotive, attach, crank (no more then 2 minuets say) and then detach an involved but not burdening process. ======== More in time, do share you thoughts in the mean time.
  2. What are you looking forward to doing most in Dead Matter? Killing people/zombies? Driving around and seeing the map, flying, boating, walking, etc. (If there is already a thread like this I'm sorry but I couldn't find a way to search for it)
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