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Found 3 results

  1. As u can see while taking morphine the whole screen is just destroyed by the waiting UI. also, the inventory looks way too much-cramped making like some high amount of blur or some image would be great for better looks at the back also making the UI less bordered and less thick. making buttons much more plain and simple looking than destroyed. yeah, i understand, some can be destroyed themed but not every single thing in the UI should be destroyed theme u know. make a different section for everything like when the user clicks on backpack everything related to backpack weight pops up. health is everything about health and stats of player skills everything for skills and so on. everything is big sized & doesn't feel right u know what I am saying? I know someone is gonna be here saying this is not needed but this is true I care about the game and suggesting what's the best for it. sorry for trash English, i am not englishmen.
  2. I am sure this has been mentioned before but I have just started backing the game and noticed the planned UI. I think it would be a bit of a waste to use the standard survival game UI used in so many other games, especially considering how great this game is looking to be. I would suggest going for a list system or visual system that displays all the 3D models of your items kinda rotating on the screen in your inventory. I am sure the devs can think of something cool in the mean time though. Thoughts?
  3. 1- Guns While the developers seem very proud of their 50+ melee weapons, no sandbox/rpg/mmo/open-world, can be complete without a full array of guns, ArmA 3 actually did a very good job of this, in my opinion, and they had no melee weapons. I feel that a lack of variety of good weapons could cause the game to flop. Everything from pistols, sniper-rifles, rifles, machine guns, assault rifles, shotguns and even possibly the occasional rocket launcher. However it is possible that the developers are keeping the majority of their weapon development a secret and already have many, many ranged weapons. (PS - I would personally love to see a crossbow, I want to feel like Daryl) 2- Vehicle Animations The developers said they didn't want entering and exiting vehicles to be instantaneous, and they have shown some work on vehicle entering animations, it still seems like just hopping in and out. A possibility would be making a short animation, either in first or third person, which would show the player going in, and out of the car. Something similar to the entering and exiting of power armor in Fallout 4. 3- New Vehicles While the developers have show a mid-sized SUV and a bicycle in their videos, I feel they could greatly expand this with land vehicles such as: -Dune Buggys -Sedans (And Coups) -Muscle Cars -Jeeps (Open and covered) -Emergency Vehicles -Tanks/General Military Vehicles (Yes military, balance-able by making shells basically impossible to find, tracks breaking, huge gas usage) -Pickups (Small all the way to dually) -Semis/18 wheelers (Could be used to carry large amount of materials) -Dirt Bikes/Motorcycles (Including many varieties of Motorcycles and possible side-cars) 4- Inventory The developers have shown the UI for the inventory, and while I understand it is still under development, it currently seems very rudimentary and not well thought out. The idea that you have a certain number of slots and each thing takes a certain amount of thoughts feels very basic. The PUBG inventory however, is a perfect base of what could be done to inspire Dead Matter's inventory. Specific slots for face accessories, head gear/helmets, shirts, pants, armor, backpacks, shoes, primary/ secondary/ melee weapons, as well as grenades and "utilities" slot, such as found in ArmA 3, which can hold items such as maps, a GPS, a radio, etc. Along with this could be each item having it's own weight/size, from being able to hold a huge primary weapon which takes up most of the space, to a single bullet with virtually no impact, and a fluid bar, approximating the amount of space you have left in your inventory, again found in PUBG. 5- Clothing From the concept art the developers have shown, the ideas for clothing are very creative, however it still leaves the question, "Will I be able to have specific pieces of clothing, such as just shoes or just a shirt?" I feel the players would best benefit from being able to pick and choose what they wear. Different slots for each piece of clothing would allow for players to more feel that the character is theirs and theirs alone. Being able to wear a military helmet, a neon orange safety vest, and no pants is what I'm rooting for. 6- Unique Locations Adding in some unique locations that spawn in good loot but also look really nice would be a plus. - University of Alberta 7- Spray Paint I thin I've heard that spray paint will be available to customize guns' paint jobs, however I think paint would be great for marking buildings to know what you've already looted. 8- GPS + Map A GPS in the console of some cars (just as there are many today) would certainly help players as well as make it much easier to navigate. A local, regional, and world map would be great as well as the ability to write on maps to mark places of interest. 9- Music in Cars Car radios would provide entertainment while on long drives, as well as they could possibly be used to lure zombies as a noise maker. 10- Baskets For whatever you can't fit in your inventory, you should have a tote bag, wheelbarrow, shopping cart, etc. to be able to carry the stuff around. Of course this would slow you down, make it so you can't use your hands and/or make noise. 11- Zombie Guards The ability to move zombies would be a plus but also risky, one could potentially tie up a zombie and use it as a guard for some place to deter others. This also opens a possibility for a new melee weapon, animal control pole, such as used by Hershel in season 2 of The Walking Dead and tied up such as those around Negan's compound in season 7. 12- Movable Objects The developers have already said furniture will be movable but they also said they might not allow barricades. Barricades such as sand bags, and similar things should be allowed to be built as useful cover. Along with this, road traps such as tank traps, dragon's teeth, and police barricades would be useful if they could be potentially moved, and destroyed. Disclaimer: These are just suggestions from my point of view and experience, I have no clue if these are already under development, I just feel that these could enhance the play of this new, very exciting game.
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