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Dead Matter
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Development Diary #4

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Development Diary #4


Hey survivors,


This is a snapshot of what some of our team has been working during the first two weeks of November. We’re excited to announce a few new features in the game via this dev blog such as towable vehicle trailers!



Player Movement


I’ve been working on cleaning up a lot of the player movement, we’ve got quite a few subtle camera modifiers in place that simply work a lot better than our previous ones. I’ve also completed the rewrite of the interaction interface that supports a wider variety of ways that the player can interact with objects, this is essential, so we can rapidly iterate new interactable objects.


Here’s a demonstration of the new camera modifiers and headbob, we’ll be ensuring that there is a slider for headbob strength in the options menu for those that love being a bobble head or having no headbob at all.




Vehicle Upgrades

We’ve got some upgrades in store for our vehicles. Currently we’re using a set of vehicles acquired off the Unreal Engine marketplace. This is something we intend to change in the future but for now we’re in the process of making some upgrades and changes to get a little more mileage out of them as well experiment with what we want from the vehicles in Dead Matter.


I’ve also added little bits of polish, as well as the ability to have passengers. One of the features I’m excited to show off is the new exit/entry system we’ve got for vehicles. In the future your character will have their arms move and physically pull the handle, but for now we feel that this is a solid addition as simply having the player warp into the vehicle felt immersion breaking.



We’ve also added towable trailers, available to any car or truck with a hitch! Here’s a short video on me towing a tester trailer. Please note, we’ve since replaced the tester model with the ones shown off below.



@Nomad has also completed some trailers for this new system, we’ve also got some additional trailers coming in that will be based on concepts shown here.








@Vitka has also done a concept for a future trailer version which can be used to tow a disabled or broken-down vehicle. Should come in quite handy for those that like to play in large groups.





Lee Enfield


Our lead weapons and prop modeller Dusty has been working on a Lee Enfield Rifle, here’s a couple renders of the rifle








Environment Art - Chaoss

I have been working quietly in the background on replacing many of our place-holder buildings with our own building modules, which with the tools we have created can use to create an infinite variety of buildings, we have also opted to artistically model some of our building modules, this allows us to retain full control over how our buildings will look while allowing us to create hundreds of variations without having to model each building separately.

The Barn

While our previous barn looked ‘OK’, I’ve modernised my approach to hard-surface modelling and decided to go ahead and remodel it from scratch...









I’ve also taken this opportunity to break it up into modules which allows us to create many different barn layouts for our world, here is a small preview of some of the available modules so far...




Suburban Houses

I’ve started redesigning all our suburb house modules & assets from the ground up to allow us to create hundreds of different houses. The suburban houses will make up a massive majority of the buildings in Alberta so I’ve taken extra time to make sure all the pieces both look good and are all interchangeable for maximum variation...


I’ve also created various interior modules which can be used in any building, just like many of our buildings the baseboards, crown mouldings and materials can all be swapped out and changed independently...




Community Update


Our Discord server is now verified, you can now join the discussion at



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Awesome work guys, really liking the interest and work on environment and buiilding design efforts.


These development diaries keep getting better and better as we get closer to estimated closed Alpha. 


Keep up the work team!

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I'm glad to see the developers keep their word about these weekly updates. Also, I'm curious to know if the towing mechanics will allow us to tow other cars that we find on the map so we can bring back to our compounds and maybe let us fix them. For instance lets say we towed a car, brought it back to our compound and when we check the car's inventory or just click on the car it tells us that it needs a new battery, gasoline, tires, oil, and maybe just maybe if the dev wants to make cars very valuable or rare an engine that you can build by only finding a blueprint of how to craft an engine that way not everyone in a server will own a vehicle making the grind a lot more worth it. Also implementing an option to take the keys to the vehicle with you so if you leave your vehicle outside a store that you went into to loot that someone else can't just steal it. That way they will only have a few options if they really wanted the vehicle and that's to lockpick the car door or bashing it with either a melee weapon or your elbow which would sound the alarm and cause the zombies or whatever the devs plans on calling them. Which means you can also your vehicle as a trap. For instance, let's say that you see someone lockpicking your car you could have the option to push the alarm button on your car keys

Hopefully, some of not all of these features will be included or taken into consideration. Anyways tell me what you guys think and what you guys want in the game with this weeks developer diaries. 


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Woot woot! This looks great and as usual, I'm super impressed by the attention to detail. It is just one of the things that will truly separate Dead Matter from other games and give us the amazing immersive world we've been asking for. That barn looks so damn good as do the other features shown. Thanks a ton for your hard work dev team!

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Fantastic update, devs! The trailer movement and everything along with it look amazing. It gave me a cool mental image of warily making my way back to base with either a disabled vehicle or some fuel stores for the group's survival. 

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Great dev blog! The trailer seems a little too drifty, maybe you could give the trailer tires a bit more traction so it doesn't glide so much. Love everything else though, great attention to details like the door opening on vehicles and the nicely balanced head bobbing.

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