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Dead Matter
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Development Update #9

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Development Update #9


Hey folks, we've got our ninth development update out! We'll be releasing a gameplay trailer, as well as smaller, more focused gameplay videos in early spring. Upgrade packages were also added to our store. They're minor, but more than a few people requested them, and we believe they could be useful in the future. I'd like to thank everyone who has supported us so far, it truly means the world to us and we couldn't have done it without you.




I’ve been hard at work on various pieces for our exterior industrial sets…



As well as some interior...




I’ve also worked on some tracks and props for our train network




Finally, I’ve re-worked the sky and stars...




I used our actual test server in the screenshot, it also uses Steam which I'm hoping will neutralize any major hiccups on launch.






Dogtoothcg has been working hard at our base meshes. These models WILL be customizable, hairstyles, bodyhair and even facial details will be customizable.





I have started work on a truck which will allow us to begin working on the vehicle gameplay side of Dead Matter. The vehicle will let you know in what state it is in through audio cues and the dashboard with its indicator lights and gauges indicating how much fuel you have left to if your high beams are active. This picture which is one of the many reference images I found will give you a good idea of just how detailed the dashboard will be in order to convey the necessary information.




This truck is based off of the 1985 Ford F-150 so I got to work looking for reference images. This includes lots of images of the exterior and interior of the car as well as any accessories we want to help with the diversity of vehicles you will come across.



At this point I'll begin blocking out the shapes which will be a rough guide for the final mesh later as I could not find any usable size blueprints to use. I decided to import the versions as I went along into Unreal so I could check for if the height felt right.




With the block out completed I felt comfortable with diving into the final mesh. A few slight modifications were made but overall I am very happy with how it has turned out. I'll be finishing up the textures side of things and i'm still debating if I want to stream it for a few hours.







I've spent the last two weeks finishing up some basic requirements for the bunker tunnels. They are all modular so its pretty easy for us to expand and make large underground tunnel sections. I plan on fleshing this out more in the future when we need it, I have a lot of plans for vast underground bunkers and their connecting systems. I was busy for about a week with traveling to see some family for personal issues, but now with no hiccups in the near future Im hoping to keep pumping out more content.





Something cool that I ended up making for the bunkers rocky tunnels is a material that allows me to make some pretty interesting tunnels of different varieties without having to worry about UV stretching or impossible to unwrap shapes. Using Johnnys custom spline tool I can make random cave system and tunnels very quickly, with a ton of flexibility, literally. This has opened up the ability for me to make small caves, caverns, and even possibly old mining tunnels with tracks and such in them. So you can expect to be seeing some more underground stuff in the future!




I spent today blocking out a new environment, a small fast food restaurant diner. Its very modular allowing for wide usage across the world as both a specific franchise and as smaller independent restaurants. This lets us get the most mileage out of the assets and gives us the control to change colours, layouts and themes for every location so you don't end up running into the same building 42 times *cough* every other survival game in existence *cough*. We really take pride in creating all our own assets in house and not purchasing things from the marketplace to use as a final product (we only use purchased content strictly for prototyping/placeholders or stuff we just physically are incapable of making due to our small team and budget). By us making our own content and not purchasing some third party asset from a marketplace it not only allows us to keep quality consistent across all our work, but it also gives us the freedom we need to edit and modify to our own needs, and not what the original author intended. Dead Matter aims to deliver some of the highest quality work in a video game, and we firmly believe in not flipping assets from marketplaces helps achieve that goal.


Anyways, the Diner serves its own function in Dead Matter, not only is it a place to loot for some food or supplies, but it is building capable for those who want to cook, and cook a lot of food at once. Just as a garage serves a player who wants to modify their vehicle, a restaurant/diner, once serviced with electricity will serve players who want to experiment with the cooking system, and want a higher output of cooked food.  With stoves and refrigerators being much larger than what you would find in a residential home you will find that their capacity is also increased significantly, allowing for longer and higher storage of food, as well as being able to output a large quantity of cooked food thanks to the appliances.

Also, for those wondering about my streaming. I plan on streaming the new environments that I make only after I announce them in Dev Blogs to keep things bit of a surprise. So you can expect some new streams for the Diner in the next few days.






Dusty has been working on some food items for us, he's been a little under the weather recently so there's no gun this time around.





I've been mostly working on behind the scenes on some networking stuff but since we've been running more and more playtests I went ahead and added a server list to the main menu. I'll likely be making character management seperate from the main menu so please take the current design with a grain of salt.




...yep that's an actual Dead Matter test server and I could join it from this menu if I wanted to. We aim to maximize the usage of Steam for the sake of long term stability.


Social Media

Twitter - https://twitter.com/deadmattergame
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/quantumintegrity/
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYXv_gE6LCeLsUmNLrRcxaA
Discord - http://discord.gg/deadmattergame

Pre-Orders - https://qisoftware.ca/
Press Inquiry - https://playdeadmatter.com/contact/


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The combination of your own assets and the use of UE5 over Unity is really making the game stand out from the rest in the rather large genre.


The silo thing, can we go inside of it? Feel like it would be a neat spot to put a supply cache or something.


Keep up the great work.

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1 hour ago, Trunkz Jr said:

Wow I love the gauges on the truck very nicely done!

It's actually an image off google to help get the idea across. I must of poorly worded it as I wrote that at 2 in the morning...

Edited by Nomad

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Looks amazing guys keep up the great work! Bunker tunnels and food are my favorite from this dev update but I'm not saying anything else is any less amazing. My only suggestion is make the milk carton a little more detailed and/or colorful? Also will every item be pickup able?  Like the trays, cups, etc.?

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Great dev update, thanks so much guys! Love seeing these and my faith in you just gets stronger and stronger. Even these small tidbits are a massive inspiration for future survival fun in-game and it's really exciting seeing what we will have to work with. 

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10 minutes ago, HappyNow said:

Bloody right this is a juicy dev update... 

He forgot to say sorry for making a mess of the place for this bloody juicy update.


Also the night system is much more appealing now. Solid stuff.

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1 hour ago, Nomad said:

It's actually an image off google to help get the idea across. I must of poorly worded it as I wrote that at 2 in the morning...

Ahh ic lol either way I can't wait to eat me some Smug Pug I dunno who named that but it's freaking genius :D You guys should hold some contests to help name some of the food products, would be kinda neat.

Edited by Trunkz Jr

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