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[CLOSED] Official Contest #3 - Wall Writing Competition

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Official Contest

Wall Writing Competition



Welcome to our third official contest!


It's been quite a while since our last competition and the team has been hard at work on the game, but we're finally back with another one! For this competition we're looking for your messages to other survivors out in the world. It's been a couple of weeks since the zombie outbreak and conventional means of communication have started shutting down. How will you communicate with those around you? Create a chain of messages between friends, a helpful tip for a passerby stranger, or just plaster your conspiracies for all to see!



In-game examples.


These wall-written messages will be permanently placed in the world for all players to come across, so put plenty of thought into what you want to submit. Submissions won't be judged or invalidated based on calligraphy skills, but winning submissions may be rewritten for legibility if needed.


You have two weeks from the day of this post to get creative and cook up something good, and we can't wait to see what you give us!


Now with introductions out of the way, let's dive into the rules.






  • Must be your original work, and you can't use the names of real people or named buildings.
  • Messages containing cursing and mild violence are acceptable, however all messages should still adhere to the forum Guidelines. Content that is racist/sexist, highly controversial, or sexually explicit will not be accepted and may also result in a warning or ban. It does not have to be PG-13, but please use your best discretion.
  • 1-5 messages only, and multiple messages must be related or overarching to one another. Each message will appear in a different location in the world, and you may specify a desired generic location (house, airport, police station, gas station, etc).
  • Each message can contain a maximum of 3 sentences. *Sentences of reasonable length, don't go crazy with those with comma splices!
  • Messages may contain speculation or conspiracy between characters, but cannot attempt to establish lore or define major events. While not necessary, but you may use the following bits of information if you wish:
    Early symptoms of the infection are similar to that of the flu and common cold. It has a slow and subtle onset before suddenly getting worse very quickly and leading to zombification.
    - The National Emergency Reaction Agency (NERA) stopped humanitarian efforts after being overrun.
    - Some people hate NERA for stopping help, others may sympathize with them.
  • All submissions must include the message(s) typed in text form AS WELL AS a photo of them written by hand.
    - Photos must be a minimum resolution of 500x500 pixels, though it does not need to be a square ratio.
    - Try to have the text make up the majority of the picture, the resolution will scale down after it's been cropped.
    - Handwriting must be in English print, no cursive.
    - Must be black writing on a plain, white background. IE. not notebook paper.
    - No pen or pencil, they are too fine to be used. Use a marker with a medium sized point or larger, or paint with decently sized brush.
    - Photos must have fairly balanced lighting (not too dark, not too bright), and with no obstructions.
  • Take separate pictures for each message instead of cramming them all in one, but all pictures must be submitted into one post!
  • Edit: Take note that messages should be meant to contribute to the game world's story. This is NOT an opportunity to include your own easter egg references to things outside of the game.



Example of a good photo and how it should be submitted.


Judging Criteria:


  • Judging will be done by a panel of moderators and developers.
  • Each individual entry will be reviewed by the panel, which select their five favorite entries.




We're changing things up with the rewards this time around! In addition to an awesome in-game reward, we also want to pay homage to and share one of the games that we draw a lot of inspiration from. On top of having their content added into the world, all five winners will receive the following rewards:


  • Prepper Pack
    - Includes the crafting blueprint for the legendary Armoured Hazmat Suit, as well as a picture of your pet in-game. Also includes 2 Closed Alpha keys and 1 Steam Early Access key.
  • Left 4 Dead Bundle
    - Includes Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, amazing games even still today!


One more thing we're doing differently with prizes this time around. In the interest of letting everyone enjoy the goodies, people who have won prizes in past contests will still be able to participate, but won't be eligible to win a prize in this one. 





Once you are happy with your submission, upload your image to an image sharing site such as imgur and use the "Insert other Media" option available on the bottom right of your post, to attach your submission within this thread.




It's also possible to attach files directly by drag and dropping them in while making your post, or using the "choose files" option at the bottom left. 




Submissions Deadline: 12:00 PM MST, November 24th, 2018


You are allowed an unlimited amount of edits, however you can only have one submission. If you need to make an adjustment to your entry, edit your post to include your updated entry, please don't make a second post.


After the deadline, any edits further will make your entry null and void.

If during the entry review your work is revealed to have been plagiarized, your entry will be considered null and void.

Entries outside of this thread will not be considered.


All the terms and requirements are subject to change at a moment's notice. Please keep an eye out on this main posting to stay up to date.



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It wouldn't let me add the URL for some reason. 


From top to bottom.

(Houses) *Tallies* Kills: *tallies surrounding the kills:*


(Hospitals) *Pulse* They're only weakness! They're NOT alive!


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Signs your friend is infected:

  1. Their trying to eat you (this ones pretty obvious)

  2. They won’t let you check them for bites or scratches

  3. They were surrounded by the dead and their clothes are now torn and they are bleeding

  4. They ask if a rabies shot will to cure a bite from the dead

  5. They ask you to cut off their hand while their in a sewer (Sorry about that Jeff)


If your friend shows any of these signs, please, consult your local bullet maker and finish the job….                                                                    

  • Ethan


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Top to Bottom

-House                   -Jess meet me at the police station, bring the kids, I got our dog. -Daniel

-Police station     -Jess If you're reading this. I'm going north I need to leave Ringo somewhere safe. I'm infected -Daniel

-Somewhere up north. -I'll be waiting where we first met. Please kill me Pd: Find Ringo   -Daniel



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rule 1.  trust no one

rule 2. don't get bitten

rule 3. kill to survive

rule 4. don't kill the snowman

rule 5. shoot zombies in the head



rule 6.  stay in a group

rule 7. always carry your weapon

rule 8. travel light

rule 9. don't be a hero

rule 10. kill`em all , let god sort`em out




Edited by HicksNZ

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[House] Got bitten this morning Don't feel sick yet though Immune?


[Food Store] I am feeling fine after that bite, but I keep hearing these voices.


[Sports Store] The VOICES are telling me Im special. That I have immunity to the sickness Lucky?


[Police Station/Gun store] Voices never stops talking! Not slept for days. Still immune


[Hospital/Medical Centre] Looking for some doctors to check my blood. The voices has calmed dow... BRAINS


Edited by Burnz

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