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Single player

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Hello to everyone. I'm very excited about this game's features like graphics, mechanics, environment and story. What worries me is that it might end up like H1Z1, PUBG and others that are simply players killing players in a set time frame. I hope not. Many of us would like to choose between single player or multiplayer in an open world and also a game that can be paused and saved anytime, at least in single player mode. That is what sells a game big time! Thanks

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There will be single player and players will also be able to host their own servers with their own settings. In regards to pvp and how the default game will play, I'll just quote a comment I made yesterday on another post.



PvE is the primary focus for Dead Matter, with the option for PvP. Zombies in particular are really emphasized, along with general survival requirements, survivor npcs, weather and seasons, meta-game events, etc. It's not meant to play like Rust or the like, where PvP is the main source of content. 


You will drop everything on death, and perma-death is likely going to be an option for a hardcore mode. There will be a reputation system of sorts and it will also impact how survivor npcs behave towards you. You'll be able to raid other players' bases, but you'll have to be mindful of the attention you draw from zombies, not just other players. Zombies will be drawn to noise in general, and the closer you are to a populated area the more will come to see what's causing the commotion if you start shooting up the place or setting off explosives. By default (it can be increased), player limits for servers will be on the relatively low side. Player encounters won't be awfully rare, but not super common either. 


The overall takeaway is that PvP will be an option but is not the prime focus, and there will be inherent consequences to random KoS'ing, but there will still be enough leniency for occasional PvP. 


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See that to me just sounds perfect! What i hate about a lot of PvP survival games is the fact that people who play more often pretend to be nice and then kill you when they're bored or just simply kill you on sight because 'He had a shovel on his back' so he must be killed.. Like really? Me and my friends will be playing co-op and we wont be watching out backs for other players, just the hordes of undead scum and the AI factions that aren't so friendly :) 

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