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Equipped weapons

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I've been out of the loop on this for a while, as my laptop died on me and I finally have my new desktop up and running.  But way back at the end of 2017 when I first backed on kickstarter I threw out several different ideas, magazines being the biggest one I can remember, that I have been very glad to see are implemented.  One thing that I still would love to see is some form of holster/sling system implemented.  Where it would effect how you carry weapons and their equip speed.  Also some sort of strap system for some bags, such as hiking bags.


For instance if you have a long gun (shotgun or rifle) without a sling and want to switch to your sidearm you either need to drop the long gun on the ground (the faster option) or store it on your bag (which takes some time).  Where as if you have a sling you can still drop it, only now it just hangs to your front.  And then for holsters it would be a similar concept, if you have a holster for your pistol you can draw it faster and if not you need to retrieve it from wherever you stored it in your inventory.


As for the strap system what I had in mine was it would increase your inventory space for that bag but you would be limited to what you could actually use that space for.  Think tie down straps on the outside of a hiking bag.  You can easily strap a rifle down with them not so much half a dozen cans of bean.


How likely is someone to actually carry multiple long guns on their person in an easily accessible manner?  But they may be able to carry a shotgun with a rifle on tied down to the side of their hiking pack.  I'm not sure if it is just for development purposes or not, but I feel that being able to switch between half a dozen different weapons almost seamlessly is a bit unrealistic.  I think that if this were to be limited to a primary, sidearm, and small melee it would add more immersion to the game.  I feel that this would add a bit more realism to carrying weapons and make you think a little more about what weapons you want to carry.


Just a few of my thoughts after the latest Developer VLOG, not sure of how difficult it would be to implement but wanted to throw in my two cents.  Keep up the great work, I can't wait to get my hands on the alpha when it finally releases.  This game is literally the biggest reason I'm getting back into PC gaming and steering away from console.

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Welcome back!


Holsters are confirmed and slings are something they are considering as well. The plan for right now is that you'll be able to equip any 2-3 weapons, and if you have a holster then it unlocks another slot that you can equip an additional sidearm in. Using the holster will also provide some benefit like faster draw time too. The sling, if implemented, would work similarly for long barrel weapons.

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That's really nice to hear, I was watching a few videos on youtube that were showing off some weapons and it appears that you could have quite a few equiped and it made me a little nervious.

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