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Dead Matter
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A here a discord for wen the game coums out

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Hi on discord i am Rocketalks1 i am makeing a discord for andyone that wants to join 

The discord server i am makeing is not in its full state With the healp of others i will be able to have staff and other to help

and i woud like the devs or mods/admins for the DEAD MATTER DISCORD TO JOIN CUZ i am not alwas on to deal with people being Dumb and if thay due

join thay will be given Mod/admin and a coustum rank/role. 


Ps To every one that Pm's me i will give you a role


And i am sorry to all staf that dont want me posting a link to a discord


And to all staff i am sorry for the other day wen i posted my discord like i made shur to delte thos likes off your Discord "sorry"



| DISCORD LINK HERE           |

|https://discord.gg/KyxfqZ9 |                                             All dead matter admins and mods will be given a Mod/admin Roles if thay join my discord



Pls keep in mind English is not my nativ tung I am sum what greek and know that better

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