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Community/Blog Update #9

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 "State of the game"



Hey all,


Community update #9 just recently dropped, This update gives us some info on the state of the game along with an update on the release schedule. The Roadmap on the QI site has also seen a little update to reflect some of these changes. 



Hey Backers!

We’ve got another update regarding our release schedule. We’ve taken the last two months to analyze the response of our community, and our backers. We’d like to thank everyone that has come out to show support for the team.


Based on what we’ve gathered via comment sections as well as conversations we’ve had with our backers through Discord, an overwhelming majority of our backers have asked us to continue taking the necessary amount of time to ensure Dead Matter has a successful initial release and reception. We agree with this sentiment and will move forward with this as it is in-line with what our backers would like and will only further improve Dead Matter.

Check out the full update in the link below:




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Posted (edited)

I'm a backer but don't use discord so I guess my suggestion wasn't of interest. 😐


It went from a February 2018 eta, to November/December 2018. Then an 8-10 week delay and now it's another 3 month delay.. I'm not here to be negative or hateful but this is just disappointing and needs to be voiced. The whole point of closed alpha is to test and help provide feedback, I don't need the game to be polished and addicting in closed alpha. I want to actually be useful to the development. If we have to sign a contract to not publish video/screenshot/reviews, etc. then sign me up. 


Again, not trying to be negative but it's just delay on repeat. I hope all goes well with development and always wish the best regardless of the continuous disappointing delays. 

Edited by John
memory loss

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John, You have a solid point. I feel confident you could take the bumps in the road well. Just based on that message. My honest fear is most people wont. They will judge a book by the cover and slay and sling negative shit everywhere. Its the internet... Its no holds barred. If you get time to catch Shirks stream you will also realize the points of interest are still being plotted. There is some polishing required. 

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While I am getting a sense of Deja Vu, I will certainly give the benefit of the doubt. Games can take years to develop so a few more months of wait it is.


However, Words are one thing actions another and I hope to see the progress you have done by summer or September 1st, whatever happens first.

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