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Dead Matter
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Development Diary #3

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On 02/11/2017 at 10:39 AM, Rick Grimes said:

I just want to reply about the cannibals looks, I personally think those are great iterations of what you guys are trying to do. BUT, I wouldn't worry about them having TOO much armor and such. Personally I like when cannibals are less clothed and seem almost homeless. Lower grade weapons and a strong capability of taking out people with guns using their strength and speed. Somewhat like " The Forest ". The cannibals could be more like this with a bit of bone armor and pants, but be more ragged.Related image

 this is alberta canada when it starts to snow even the homeless have winter jackets and what not lol its 2017 people always have cloths if they live in a city loool

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Cannot wait for this game! Get antsy every time I think about it.


I mean, i've played a LOT of damn games, and backed a hell of a lot more, and none gave this kind of feeling like devs are actually going to make something that is truly a joy to play.



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