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    who are these backers?!?!

    Actually I expected this, now I wish we all CA testers could help the developers to make the game we always wanted. *fingers crossed*
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    who are these backers?!?!

    Yup, I totally get it. I played SCUM for a while turned out my base being raided every f'ing single day, the experience is just bad, but overall I liked it. I wish it will improve game balance so I could go back and play too. And that's also I have high hope on Dead Matter as I wish these...
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    who are these backers?!?!

    I believe keys are being distributed in a much faster rate now as they finally figured things out.
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    who are these backers?!?!

    Yeah, I also took a day off, but I had fun also piss off on the forum.
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    What should we feedback in game?

    I could feedback zillions of stuffs but I guess there are things that developer would put pirority first, what would that be?
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    who are these backers?!?!

    I also got my keys, lucky... Don't worry guys, at least it's not a scam. But really it's in alpha stage, you are not really loosing anything if you do not get in.
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    Moving forward.

    Not to mention so many smartass asking people stop being a baby and keep trolling you with it is supposed to be like this as this is alpha and you are investing a development not buying a finished product if you do not understand it then it is your own problem speech. Putting out fire by...
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    Keys Are Out...Lost Faith in The Treatment and Respect Towards the Community

    I actually tasted the game menu and half of the character creation before my key got revoked. Okay, I believed this is getting real and they really did make a whole mess with key distribution... But, as long as it's not scam, I could take it. But I also believe it would be much less messy if...
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    Website is up but already out of Keys???

    EXACTLY. It takes you almost forever to reach the site, and when you find out there's no key available, you hit another dunno how many times on that F5 to try getting in again. :LOL:
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    The login site is or was being DDOS attacked, causing the problems.

    It's still better than the one I watched yesterday with horrible lag, actually I'm more than okay with how the graphics look now.
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    The login site is or was being DDOS attacked, causing the problems.

    :) And some genius said we are responsible for smashing F5 too hard and caused the meltdown BTW, the graphics looks better with his decent rig, but still far from what they shown in the past videos.
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    Hmm, do we really think we are all going to get our key in the next 50 minutes?

    Don't worry, some people around this forum only accept "positive" "encourage" comment and treat all other comments as toxic, even if you are only questioning a problem or raising some simple facts, like they failed to properly plan the delivery.
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    With all the flooding, I don't blame them
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    My question remains, show me a game that they didn't poison?
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