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    Where to get your backer key?

    Where did you back the game?
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    International Channels in Discord

    Sadly we cannot have different channels with different languages as we cannot moderate it. Sorry!
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    Just found out about Dead Matter, when will Dead Matter Indiegogo site be back?

    Indiegogo or backing won't be coming back. The next time people can get it is to EA (Early Access) which will be some time next year. :)
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    Que salga para ps4

    Please write in english, as we cannot moderate nor answer in other languages :)
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    Hallo wo kaufe ich dead Matter?

    Leider bist du bissl zu spät und die Kampagne ist geschlossen. Du musst leider warten bis das Spiel im "Early Access" ist nächstes Jahr. :) Normalerweise bitte in english schreiben, da ich die einzige bin, die deutsch spricht im Staff :D
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    Refund Questions

    No worries ;)
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    Refund Questions

    That depends if you are still within the refund policies if you can refund or not. I can't tell you that since I don't know your details. Make a thread in the support area of the forum with your details :)
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    Can i still get Beta key?

    As zom said, there is no exact date for it. ;)
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    Backer weapons

    You sadly missed out on becoming a backer as backing is closed. :) Early access will be next year!
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    Need dev to message me <- Login there and use the same email you used when you backed the game and your order should show up under "Orders". :)
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    How do i get in closed alpha.

    Please do not offer keys here, as it is not allowed to offer them on our forums / discord etc. :)
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    How do i get in closed alpha. <- It should be there under orders. ;)
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    How do i get in closed alpha.

    When you backed you find your keys in your QI profile and when you didn't back, well like I said, backing is closed.
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    Heya, You open your steam account and click on "Games". Then you click on "Activate a product on steam" and there you go. ;)
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    How do i get in closed alpha.

    You cannot sadly. Backing is closed. :(
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