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  1. acrosome

    Suggestion for the forums

    Fair enough.
  2. acrosome

    Suggestion for the forums

    Is there a "don't particularly care" option?
  3. acrosome

    Roads Falling into Disrepair

    I'm pretty sure that the devs have said that a decaying world as you describe is simply too resource intensive for them to implement. For instance, grass will not grow in the pavement cracks. When they say "decaying world" on the website they very nearly only mean that eventually the power...
  4. acrosome

    Medical Lab thought if getting infected is added to the game. :)

    For what it's worth, the devs have said that item placement will make sense, meaning that you can find an item pretty much where you can expect to find it in the real word. So a medical clinic would presumably be a good place to find medical supplies, but a very poor place to find a rifle. A...
  5. acrosome

    Bunker (Personal)

    The ones on the vlogs looked absolutely immense- huge mazes of tunnels. I suspect that the vlog footage was meant to show them off, though, so the actually implemented ones may not be as large.
  6. acrosome

    Public Infrastructure Pt. 1 (Sewers)

    I kind of think that sewers have been mentioned by the devs. I'm not really certain, though. I do know that we haven't gotten any sort of details about them.
  7. acrosome

    Different zombie classes

    That's more about your suggestions for types of zombies, rather than about confirmed types, though, right?
  8. acrosome

    How to play closed alpha?

    Not until they release the closed alpha, which should be Really Soon Now. The devs have said no later than the end of July.
  9. acrosome

    Future DLC ideas?

    Yes, I had assumed that the whole point of picking Vancouver Island was to introduce the sea, and boats. That's what I would be looking forward to.
  10. acrosome

    Alpha PVP, PVE Coop

    IIRC the zombies will be implemented, but probably not all of the NPC factions.
  11. acrosome

    Dead player transformation

    The devs have said that a player's body will turn zombie if they were killed by a zombie. But not if they were killed by other means, I think.
  12. acrosome

    Small zombie kids

    No. People are in fact different, and killing one may be a more moral act than killing another. Or are you one of those extremists who think that the lives of a mass murderer who is trying to kill you and an philanthropist who is trying to help you have an equal value? Because I think that's...
  13. acrosome

    Infected hearing voip

    That's not what it would be doing. They could communicate, but they'd have to do it carefully. And having the zombies hear voip so that you end up crouched behind cover and have to whisper to one another seems very immersive to a lot of us. Speaking modes would work, but it adds yet more...
  14. acrosome

    Infected hearing voip

    Wow. You're still stalking me through to forums to straw-man me, huh? Surprising. Go away, little troll.
  15. acrosome

    On Sniping, accuracy, ammo, suppressors, and hitboxes

    My God. I am astounded at your arrogance. You're straw-manning again. I was only defining what I personally meant whn I said "sniping", not claiming some sort of monopoly on the term. Stop putting words into my mouth, and putting bizarre negative spins on every single comment that I make...
  16. acrosome

    Transport of animal carcass

    Nothing. But you wouldn't get as much meat. Ok, I'm not sure how it happened, but clearly I didn't communicate regarding my proposed Buther perk very well. So: If you do NOT have the Butcher perk and you kill an animal, you could transport the carcass to someone who DOES have the Butcher...
  17. acrosome

    Amputation, Prosthetics, & Suicide

    Yeah. He's getting shrill, complaining about stuff that I didn't say, and totally going off the deep end.
  18. acrosome

    Punishment System for KOSers

    That's why I keep proposing a very comprehensive faction reputation system, including bounties- so there are consequences. But if someone wants to go bandit and are willing to suffer within that system, so be it. Balance the reputation system's harshness to achieve the level of murderhoboing...
  19. acrosome

    June Update!

    Yes, the gardening aisle at a hardware store is another possible source. Or a landscaper's store. A florist? Or at any house that has a little victory garden. The game starts in autumn, too, so those gardens should be a good place to forage, now that I think of it...
  20. acrosome

    Amputation, Prosthetics, & Suicide

    What ?!? You're not pushing for a realistic 3 month healing time for broken bones? How weak. I thought you were arguing for realism at all costs? And why did not propose a 3 month healing time? Because no one wants to play such a limited character for 3 months, that's why. And that's...
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