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  1. RandomMishaps

    Is there only one binding?

    You'll be given both keys and you give that key to your friend.
  2. RandomMishaps


    Probably not
  3. RandomMishaps

    My idea for full release.

    This is not an idea for the Devs (although it could be used by the Devs haha)so that's why it's in this channel. I've been playing a lot Destiny 2 and watching some Escape From Tarkov and those 2 games actually gave me an idea for when the modding support came in. I've been working on (been...
  4. RandomMishaps

    14 day countdown has started on 3 august!

    I did just do a calculation and for me in BST (British Summer Time) it will be on the 20th at 1am but for the guys in Canada (I can't remember which time zone it is for them) it will be the 19th. So I'll be up VERY early on that Thursday to download it and play it all day...
  5. RandomMishaps

    14 day countdown has started on 3 august!

    Yes I'm sure, I was told by the mods as I read that was confused as well, when the countdown on the site is finished, the Alpha starts. That's the countdown on If you look at the countdown on it says the countdown finishes...
  6. RandomMishaps

    14 day countdown has started on 3 august!

    It's the 19th, I was confused at first but the 16 days were the 2 weeks plus the 2 days to for IndieGoGo so it will be the 19th with everything put together.
  7. RandomMishaps

    14 day countdown has started on 3 august!

    19th will be the day it releases.
  8. RandomMishaps

    Whitelist Application from RP server

    Not sure on how negative records are kept but the whitelisting will probably be done like other games so just google "how to whitelist people on game server"
  9. RandomMishaps

    Shotgun performance and prone position.

    Prone is not a thing at the moment, it will be added at a certain point but it is not in the Alpha for the time being.
  10. RandomMishaps

    Server setup

    Haha no problem, just giving you a heads-up before you get the mods going at you.
  11. RandomMishaps

    Is backing worth it? Do any backers regret their decision?

    It's been 3 years since I found out about this project and over a year since I backed it, I consider that money used to create this amazing looking game so I'm good.
  12. RandomMishaps

    Pick your poison

  13. RandomMishaps

    Server setup

    But try and keep it to English only please
  14. RandomMishaps

    Server setup

  15. RandomMishaps

    Server Wipe ?

    Here is what you wanted to see then?
  16. RandomMishaps

    Server Wipe ?

    The devs and they've stated it multiple times when people have asked them questions on if they will reset servers on game updates, and tbh it makes sense that they'll reset the official servers on launch for everyone.
  17. RandomMishaps

    Server Wipe ?

    They've stated multiple times.
  18. RandomMishaps

    Server Wipe ?

    That's exactly how it works
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