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  1. Maxine


    If you do not have access to the Backer forums. Please go here and read this thread VERY CAREFULLY. If you cannot for some reason get access to the backer forums but still wish to talk about the game. DONT. YOU ARE STILL BREAKING THE NDA. NDA MUST be followed. Which means NO STREAMING...
  2. Maxine

    August 23rd Update

    As I'm sure you all have noticed, our site is down once again. At peak last night, we were fielding over half a million requests per minute, and even now site load is way higher than anticipated. We are doing everything in our power to get the site back online. However, we do not currently have...
  3. Maxine

    Attention Backers!

    Hello backers! If you are a non backer this announcement means absolutely nothing. But if you are a backer. Keep reading. Some with the wondering eye may have noticed a new setting popped up ages ago here: If you throw in your backer e-mail there. Log back into...
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