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    Screenshots in bug report

    Would be nice to be able to show the issue while sending our descriptions of bugs and issues.
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    Zomboid-like Sandbox Options

    Would be nice to add sandbox options for controlling our environments while testing.
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    We Needed Communication For Months

    QI, we can understand roadblocks, but you guys have been slacking on good and honest communication for months now. It's not like how it was even just last year. You shut yourselves off to everyone - And at this point in time, it's not even simple to know who your team is actually comprised of...
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    Animation Sets in Character Customization

    To give more individuality to player characters, maybe during character creation, you could add the option to choose between animation variants such as different gaits or ways to hold weapons? This would add a simple, new, and unique way to customize your character. It would also be neat and...
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    Separate Animations for Fresh Dead and Old Dead

    Something neat about Romero zombies are that they lose a level of motor skills as they decay. It might be nice to have the animations tween over from the human package to the zombie package based on how fresh a corpse is. This could be a neat trick to make players double guess whether a fresh...
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    Birds Migrate for Winter

    Having large clouds of geese migrate could create the opportunity for players to easily hunt geese and get food for winter, creating incentive to fire a gun, which could be a risky behavior.
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    Animals Crossing the Road

    Would be a nice hazard for deer and other animals to run across roads in wooded areas once in awhile. Could create hazards while driving.
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    Question about Open World Map Design

    I notice Shirk left the Dead Matter team. Is the world he was designing going to continue being worked on for use in the final game? How does his map relate to the new zone-based system? In relation to transparency, when can we expect it to resume between QI and backers? The team seems to have...
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    Responsive Zombie Shoving

    Hello, If anyone remembers NMRiH, there were a few cool features. One of those really nice features were unarmed zombie pushing. Would it be a good idea to add this sort of pushing to the game, or even expand upon it by having zombies stumble when you run into or bump into them, at a stamina...
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