10/22 Takedown varient

The .22 rifle have an additional variant. Have you heard of the 10/22 takedown rifle? Basically that, where more used for varmint hunting and can be broken down into two parts, the stock/reciever and the barrel. When broken down can be more easily fit into bags and other storage containers. (Shorter in length when broken down but uses one or two additional inventory slots in width for would be stored together) Also, are gun stocks planned to be interchangeable? Asking for their is a very cool stock for the ruger 10/22 takedown called the Magpul x22 backpacker which can store three magazines or one magazine and a box of 50 rounds and has a water tight storage compartment in the handle.
Take a little time to assemble/disassemble with a little animation good little weapon. Loading animations could be the same but different if using a storage stock.
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