Cool idea for nervousness


i think it would be cool if you're like shooting at zombies far away and you reload normally and stuff. but if you're being surrounded or are really close to zombies, your character gets nervous and fumbles around with your gun, like maybe you try and reload faster and end up dropping the mag on accident. or accidentally switching on the safety or forgetting to pull the slide back.


That could get very frustrating very quickly. If you think you got everything under control but your
character fails to do the most basic of things and you die because of it.. No, thanks. Not for me.
It sure sounds like a cool idea but if it happens randomly and there's nothing you can do about it,
it just leads to deaths that lay out of your control. (which sucks)
Well to be fair, at first it feels like a bad idea..but, i can see a good mechanism coming from that idea.
And even though it may be frustrating at first, it could become easyer with time, depending on the perks chosen or the maintenance of the weapon using..

I think it would be a good compromise, to avoid being to frustrated, to have a this ''nervousness'' appear only when the health conditions are bad (mental state/hunger/thirst)


It'd be an interesting take on the current "suppression" mechanic for ranged combat with players.
So suppression from ranged vs players, and terror from melee vs zombies.
I don't think that frustration-inducing panic (i.e. player drops gun) would be desirable, but the idea of perhaps slightly blurred vision/tunnel vision might be one way of dealing with the fight-or-flight response to close zombies in the game.


perk : focused - one for aiming and stuff
"cool cat" under pressure you're able to make a great reload attempt or something bla bla
It is a good ish idea but ur proposed execution does not have good consequences imo ur character should find random things stressfull with negative consequences but not everything example maybe ur character does well with zombies and reloads faster bc ur character has seen and fought a lot of zombies and handles them well but also that character fumbles when they are in a stressful situation with other humans bc they don't fight them too much but it is not too infuriating like u can't reload more of u take longer to reload and have a less steady aim those things don't make stuff like that infuriating enough to leave just enough to make someone try to avoid that situation or try to make to the character less stressed from people or whatever they are stressed from


In reality, you might only fumble once. One morning I noticed a wolf on the backside of my property looking at me as I approached my car with keys in hand. Instead of using the remote to open the locks, my brain told me to use the key instead. You can guess what happened next... NO! The wolf did not kill me...I dropped the key trying to push it into the lock, just like you see in nearly every horror film.

Nervously, I recovered and found myself inside the vehicle, with the doors locked thinking that could have been worse. For those who do not understand wolves, they hunt like raptors. The wolf you see is not the one that attacks. Luckily, it never happened again...The wolf encounter. So, from this moment until I am actually killed by a pack of wolves there will be no more key dropping events.

You only get one fumble in this lifetime, if you are lucky.
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