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Days Survived Counter!


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What is a Survival Counter?

The number of days your character has been alive on a server. This would be shown somewhere within the inventory showing viewers on stream , youtube, friends lists and various other platforms even beneath the name of the player how long that survivor has survived. giving this option to show people that you have mastered the elements and plan accordingly, This feature can be tied in with the beard growth system too. Providing new players or veterans insight on how to survival x number of days without a accident.

This feature will not affect pvp or pve in any way within the game but gives a player a purpose instead of other titles which is loot, kill, gain XP rinse and repeat. This is probably the only game that can pull this off and from my knowledge other titles haven't attempted this feature and it would be pretty neat to see implemented within a survival game such as dead matter that wont affect gameplay.

if you like this idea be sure to give it a LIKE to show your support and hopefully get the attention from the DEVS to add this or something similar. If you wish to add anything to this then leave a comment below.



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I like the idea. I also like the idea of one being awarded for surviving longer based on in game days. I wouldn't want the award to be anything that would give the player any advantage over another, but something to denote the player has made it a week..2 weeks.. a month.
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