Dogs (Adding to my suggestion from earlier.)


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Not only would a Dog make singleplayer feel less lonely it'd also make multiplayer fun too.

"How would they work?"
Maybe a bind to whistle your dog on enemies, players or zombies?
You could tame a dog with dog food or anything consumable by dogs, aka not veggies, rather meat.
If the dog attacks a player they'd enter a "struggle phase"
The struggle phase would maybe last 3 to 5 seconds? And the Owner can call it off the player, another player can kill it or maybe the one that is being attacked can struggle it off themselves?
The same button where you whistle the dog onto enemies would also work as a "Go There" mechanic if nothing is at that spot.

"The Dog"
The goto breed would be a German Shepherd, much like the Magnum, they're a zombie classic.
But if y'all would bother you could also model different breeds, such as mentioned on my original Dog suggestion a "French Bulldog".

"Balancing ideas"
The dogs wouldn't be OP, it's a dog, a bullet or five should be enough to kill it incase.
The dog would require dog food or food that can be consumed by a dog.
The dog if not fed can starve.
The dog if starving can grow hostile? (Almost like Clementine The walking dead game season 2 episode 1)
The dog would be a super rare find spawning anywhere.
Maybe the whistling would attract zombies to the player?

"Dog loot"
You can maybe find K9 armor at a police station or a military camp? Gives them extra body protection but not head protection, as irl K9's do not have armor on their head.
Dog food could be found in supermarkets/stores?

This is like the thread says a suggestion. That I really really hope would come sometime in the future. If a dev is reading this, give it some thought and maybe talk with the other devs about it? Thank you for reading and thank you QI Software for bringing us this amazing looking game.
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