Fortification to avoid being raided?


As closed alpha is coming real close, it seems there's still no definite answer so far, I would like to ask are we going to avoid being raided if we fortify our base?

To my understand, developer mentioned "Yes, if you properly fortify the base."

I have mentioned in my previous comment that me and my friends love survival games, but the only thing keeping us to give up is always being raided.
We spent a nice evening 3 hours together do some killing, got loots, go back to our base, we did what the game offers to fortify our base, then the next day we go online and found the based already being raided, the repeating frustration is just there.

Base could be raided, we understand that. But when we have work to do, things to take care at our real life, we would really hate it if we lose our loots almost every day and then we need to build a new base.

I'm already a backer but fefore I recommend Dead Matter to my friends, I would really like to know how fortify base works in Dead Matter, do we get strong enough base and we could be worry free if we go offline? Definitely not looking for unbreakable base but let's say if a base is being abandon like for few days or a week, it's more than fair the base will lose all fortification and it's "raidable".

Also, I understand there will be safehouse for players who do not have a base, how does that work? Do we only get to keep very limited inventory?


Well, like in all survival games where you can loot stuff, never fall in love with your loot.

As the developers stated, you can protect your stuff at the CA already but I think more is to come once they release server files which allows the modding community to add more features/mechanics maybe. Like hiding stashes, create other stuff that can be hidden etc.

So stay tuned


I'm pretty sure that user made fortifications will still be breakable. Right now, during the closed alpha, people are going to be looking for ways to break the game, and especially break into bases. If you're easily frustrated over that, you can play on a private/closed server or you can wait until some exploits are taken care of.

With it being an alpha, though, you're going to have issues playing it safe if you involve any other people.
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They have already mention on the discord that you can be offlined. I believe the only thing fortifications will do is increase the time and resources needed to raid a base.
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