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Dead Matter Forum Rules & Guidelines

The rules and guidelines below are not fully comprehensive. Moderators can and will use their own discretion in dealing with content and behavior that is deemed inappropriate or unfitting, and they have the final say. If you have a complaint with moderator actions, then contact a community staff member privately to discuss it. Do not argue or complain about the matter in forum posts.

Be Polite & Respectful
If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say anything at all. Do not insult, troll, harass, belittle, defame, or humiliate other users.

No Hate Speech/Content
Hateful content of any kind is not tolerated, including (but not limited to) content that is offensive to race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or disability.

Keep it Appropriate
Do not share content that depicts nudity, real-life gore, substance abuse, political or religious messages, or otherwise disturbing or inciting material. Cursing is fine, but keep it tasteful. Avoid excessive or extreme vulgarity.

Respect Privacy
Do not share the personal information of any other user, and do not post screenshots of private conversations without the other party's consent.

One Account Only
Alternate accounts are not allowed and will be deleted. If you are having issues with your original account, then contact a community staff member for assistance. If an alternate account is made in an attempt to evade a penalty, then it will result in a harsher penalty to the original account.

Do Not Impersonate
Do not falsely represent yourself as another user, especially a staff member.

No Warez or Cheats
Discussions on how to obtain pirated software or cheats are strictly prohibited.

Be Constructive
Threads should be constructive and meaningful, avoid low effort/quality posting. It doesn't have to be perfect, but please do take your time to put in a solid effort. Don't make "title-only" threads, don't make plain "add this thing" kind of threads, do your best with grammar, etc.

Avoid Unnecessary Posting/Spam
Before posting a thread, search for threads of the same topic that are still active. Don't bump a thread with a reply lacking substance just to keep it active, and don't revive a thread that has long since been inactive. Edit threads and replies with new information instead of posting successively. Don't cross-post threads in different sections, post only once in the most appropriate section.

Stay On Topic
All threads should be Dead Matter related and posted in the appropriate sections. All replies should stay on topic to the original thread as well.

No Advertising or Solicitation
Do not use the forums to promote products, services, websites, content, or communities, and do not solicit others for game keys or other services.

English Only
The team and the community are primarily English speakers, and we ask that all posts be in English as well.

Use of VPNs
Do not use VPNs, TORs or proxies. They are used to hide alt accounts to evade bans. If you are suddenly shown a IP is banned screen it means you need to get off your VPN, TOR or proxy.

Forum bans are extended to all other community platforms, and vice versa.
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