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There's a number of questions we get asked pretty commonly, so here's a collection of some of them so people can find answers more easily!

Is there still a way to get in the Closed Alpha?
Unless you have already backed the game, unfortunately not. It's something we would like but cannot promise will open up again before the Steam Early Access release.

When is Steam Early Access?
Current estimates are sometime early next year, but we can't really say for sure.

Is there be an NDA for the Closed Alpha?
There is. This means sharing footage, reviews, or discussions of in-game experiences outside of the Backer sections are not allowed.

When is the next development update?
When it's done basically. Sometimes things get in the way, higher priority stuff comes up, etc. Updates come out when the time can be made for them.

What platforms is the game on?
Dead Matter will be on PC, via Steam. We would love to put Dead Matter into as many hands as we can, but first and foremost, Dead Matter is a PC game. We want to ensure the game is completed before we try to branch to any new platforms like consoles.

What engine are you using?
Unreal Engine 4.

What are the system requirements?
It's difficult to say what the system requirements will be at this stage of development, but you can look to the listed specs for a game like SCUM to get a rough idea of what to expect.

How big is the map?
The Closed Alpha takes place in a section of the Southern Alberta map, and will be about 7.5x7.5km (~56km²). This will be expanded on throughout the Closed Alpha and Early Access to be about 16x16km (256km²). >>Here<< is a good video for size reference.

Are there official servers/can I host my own server?
There are official servers during the Closed Alpha period to facilitate testing, otherwise the game will rely on community operated servers. You will be able to host yourself or use any 3rd party server provider, and peer-to-peer is also planned to come eventually. ‍

How many players can connect to a server?
36 currently, with the goal of 60-80 being reached eventually.

Is there be anti-cheat?
Not currently, but is planned to come soon. Server admins will also have a variety of tools for dealing with cheaters as well.

Will there be mod support?
Yes, full mod support and Steam Workshop will be implemented at some point during Steam Early Access.

Is there be third person?
Dead Matter is a first person perspective game. For immersion, gameplay, and balance reasons, there are no plans to include third person.

Are there skill trees and perks?
In the character creator there will be options for a former occupation, perks, and traits. There won't be other, more grindy, RPG mechanics like skill trees or attribute progression.

Is there permadeath or will there be a respawn mechanic, and how will it work?
You will drop items in your inventory, except for specific survival essentials in your toolbelt. It is planned to be able to respawn at a bed you have placed or claimed, but this is not implemented just yet. A hardcore mode is also planned, in which you lose everything on death and will need to create a new character.

When I disconnect from the game will I be turned into a sleeper? IE. Rust. Or will I disappear from play?
In the vanilla gameplay preset, a sleeping version of your character that temporarily remains while you are disconnected from the server is planned. A dedicated server host can have this feature disabled if they so choose.

Is the Armored Hazmat Suit lootable by other players?
Yes, however backers will never lose the recipe to craft Armored Hazmat Suits. It is forever tied to your account.

Will there be special infected?
There won’t be mutated zombies like long range spitters and huge hulking brutes, but there will be a variety of zombies that are special in more grounded ways. Stuff like construction worker zombies with protective equipment and military zombies with body armor.

Is part of the world be destructible? Can I break walls and destroy buildings?
You cannot destroy walls or buildings, unless it's player made. Things such as windows, fences, trees, and glass surfaces, can all be interacted with. There also won't be ground deformation (digging).

Can I loot other player's bases?
Yes, however we are exploring options with being able to lock containers and set traps. It will be possible but at a greater risk.

Are there be vehicles?
Yes, there will be a wide variety of vehicles and customization options as well. Some planned vehicles include bicycles, motorcycles, sedans, SUVs, pickup trucks, box trucks, tractors, ATVs, boats, planes, and trains. Vehicle selection will be limited initially, but expanded upon over time.

Can I build my own base?
The main focus will be on claiming and fortifying existing buildings, so you won’t be able to build a full base from scratch. There are some small prefab structures you can build for temporary shelter, and also ones you can place to add onto claimed building plots.

Are there be running zombies?
Yes, though they won’t run as fast as players.

Are zombies headshot only?
No, but damage to the body will be significantly weaker.

Will there be farming/fishing/hunting?
These features are planned, but not yet implemented. You’ll be able to grow crops, fish streams, and hunt a variety of animals.

Is there be singleplayer?
Yes, aside from public and private multiplayer you can also be able to play singleplayer.

Are there be NPCs?
Yes. NPCs will be limited initially, but it's planned for there to be small groups and large factions that you can trade with and do tasks for, as long as the ones you find are friendly.
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