German Players 18+


We are a bunch of germans who used to plays lots of DayZ and other stuff - now being excited for Dead Matter and, if possible, would love to play with other people who speak german aswell - we have rather different levels of english, and thus its a lot more easy for us to find a german server / german players.

I dont want to promise too much about playing together all the time - whats your definition of teaming up? We most likely would like to, at least for the first few hours of gameplay, stay within our group and try to get a hang of the game. Afterwards though we are all up for cooperations, trades and just having lots of fun playing Dead Matter together.

so yeah, tl;dr: we would love to take a peek into your discord and have the option to team up sometime ;)


Hi! :) I'm actually interested in finding new people to play with as well - preferably such who speak german. Can't wait to play.


...makes me wish I kept up with my grandfather's old Alsatian. I hear the new Alsatian is pretty much all French.
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