Horses +Vehicles


Horses would be a good addition to the cowboy-ness of Alberta. If it could not be implemented, I understand. I have done game design before and gave up VERY fast, props to the game developers, but it would be cool if they could be added.
Here are some vehicles that would make factual sense:
Humvees: They should not have MG's, TOW's, or GMG's. Colors: Forest Green and a classic Woodland Camouflage(Legendary as a Rarity)
Electric Bikes: They can be charged out of a makeshift charger using electricity if you have that at your house(Rare or Epic as a Rarity comes in all colors)
Gas motorcycles: Classic motorcycle, might have bags on the back you can put items into(Small storage size, Epic Rarity and comes in Navy Blue, Black, Red, and Grey)
Public Bus: Comes in White and Blue, items can be on the top, many people can be inside and has a Epic rarity.


GRAMO Missing military vehicles such as tanks, armored vehicles, airplanes and helicopters do not necessarily have to be military. But it would be a lot of fun if they added them
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