How do i get in closed alpha.


When you backed you find your keys in your QI profile and when you didn't back, well like I said, backing is closed.


You cannot sadly. Backing is closed. :(
i would love to have access to your beta if possible i have beta tested tons of game like Last Oasis Call of duty and every expansion of world of warcraft since wrath of the lich king i give feedback report all bugs i see glitches and i test everything in close detail. would love to hear from you my email is And at the moment i have been in the alpha for world of warcraft new expansion Shadowlands and i have reported 286 bugs glitches ect....


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As stated in the last few messages above by others, Gaining access to the alpha isn't currently available for members who haven't already backed.


Please do not offer keys here, as it is not allowed to offer them on our forums / discord etc. :)
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