Hunting traps and animals to hunt


I would like to see traps that can be crafted such as a pit which can be dug with a shovel, with wooden spikes at the bottom fashioned from logs/tree branches. Snare traps would also be a great idea so pretty much you could leave some bait in the snare trap and the animal or unsuspecting survivor will fall victim to the trap leaving them vulnerable to the player who laid the trap or anyone who finds them stuck. This will add a great atmosphere to the game because not only do you have to be alert for zombies but you now have to be on the look out for survivors who have chosen the more sinister means of survival such as cannibalism or taking you hostage like you see in day z. Bear traps are also a good one. Trip wire hooked up to a grenade is cool. Maybe even allow gasoline cannisters to be poured onto the floor so that you can set stuff ablaze and a burning building mechanic so that it spreads and the building falls into disrepair. Also would be useful to add gasoline cans and abandoned petrol stations to fuel cars to add more realism, even repairing cars so like you need to replace spark plugs, car radiators ect. So as for animals I would include bears, wolf's, rabbid dogs, deer, elk which can be dangerous as they have antlers and become aggressive, boars, fox ect. Also you could add equipment like skinning knife and tanning rack to make use of the animal hides. On another note I would also add player emotes to communicate for people who haven't got a mic. Would love to see this game add a lot of detail such as needing to scavenge for batteries when your flash light runs out or has for the car, new parts for the car, locks for doors and the ability to barricade buildings but also ability to smash through with a axe ect. Buzzers for buildings that players have barricaded so that survivors with a mic can press it and talk through it to maybe ask to trade items or join there group of survivors, various clothing items scattered around, similar system to day z where you can talk and if they are close to you they will hear so voice distancing. In depth building and crafting mechanics so you can create a small or large settlement with fellow survivors or alone. Ability to design and craft flags for your base. Defences you can craft like sand bags, razor wire gates, mounted guns that are hard to come by which spawn in military zones, ability to grow your own produce like potato, carrots, cabbage, corn, Marijuana so that you can craft it into bricks and get it sold to traders for a nice profit, this will be very cool since it will let players start there own group of growers and maybe mini cartels which can compete with rival survivors. Add a cooking system where you craft a camp fire or use oven but make it realistic. Add alcohol so players can drink together. Add option to eat human survivors that are found dead or died by your hands to add a creepy atmosphere to the game. Make it so you have to be on edge about who you can trust as this will add a gritty survival element to the game. Allow rope to be used to tie up players or duct tape and hand cuffs. Add abandoned prisons and police stations which could possibly be used by players to fortify and use as a base of post apocalyptic justice when all hope is lost, players could find keys for the cells and handcuffs and uniform so maybe they could settle local disputes by arresting survivors who are being difficult they could hold up the criminals at gun point whilst a fellow survivor handcuffs them and leads them to the jail cell and locks it, this would add a great atmosphere to the game as the person locked up could have friends who want them free and they could storm the prison/police station and free them by either trying to see it the players want to bargain or go in guns blazing. Or maybe the stealthy way with a lock pick. Add traps for cars like road spike traps to puncture tires. Add a walkie talkie that can be activated when batteries put in so you can attempt to contact certain players who have one. If this is all added then this will by far be the greatest survival game I've heard of.
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