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Idea to stop ganking


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Make use of a chicken mod. Idea being if you kill anyone say 10 levels under you you auto turn into a level 1 chicken so anyone can kill you.
There is nothing worse in these survival games than high levels ganking lowbies to inflate their ego's.

Also don't make it so you are 90% of the time looking for food and water or dying as it ruins the chance to actually play the game. Dayz and Scum are so focused on eating and drinking you do not stand a chance at the start as high levels kill you as you cant gear up due to starving to death all the time.


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i don't get it, there is no lvl system in place but a native perk instead (that give diferent bonus depending of you former profession)


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There isnt really an op level system more of a passive perk system with the ability to improve them overtime for example having increased max weight from repeatedly being at near max weight. i doubt there will be a massive advantage over other players if you have high levels itd be more quality of life bonuses. not even sure if they are going to have a system like that the only thing when it comes to skills and perks that have been shown so far are a few images of perks that come with previous job you choose


Cool if there are no high or low lvl players, then do the same to anyone who keeps KOS'ing.
punishing people for kosings is a very slippery slope as how exactly will the devs recognize KOS, if such a system where to glitch then a firefight where you kill a group of people that tried to kill you, but only a few of them actually shot at you you could possibly get a KOS bonus or if a glitch happens and a normal kill where you shot at someone who shot at you could also land a KOS debuff, i personally don't recommend it nor see it happening anytime soon but eventually someone with your mindset will make a mod around the concept I'm sure
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