June 26 Update!


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Continuing our weekly updates leading up the Closed Alpha, this update touches on the state of the Closed Alpha and development that has been done in the meantime. You'll be able to see the electricity system, campfires, go karts, some new weapons and weapon animations, and more.

Fair warning: This post is image and video heavy, and may be taxing to those will slow or mobile internet connections.



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I gotta say, the video/animated examples for the electrical were pretty sweet too. Thanks for the info, I'm gonna go back and drool at the stuff a bit more.


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So brilliant, I am looking forward to testing Dead Matter ourselves soon.
Directly opened a german fanbase on Facebook


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Seems like a suggestion for addition to game is implied.... Player makeable ramps/structure to traverse terrain/obstacles, ie. (hey those go karts are fenced in, hold my beer, builds a ramp to get them out)


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Half the fun is getting them out unconventionally. I remember back in the days of H1Z1 where we found an abandoned base that was falling apart, and they had an ATV behind some buildings and stairs.

You wouldn't think that it'd be hard, but ATVs were not meant to turn on a dime, and those stairs had that right angle...

Where there's a will, there's a way! But if there's a road already...well...go that way instead!
It's definitely got the most content of any EA game I've supported n followed.
I am very excited and can't wait. Just praying it's not ruined by cheaters or hackers.
Having player hosted servers are going to be awesome, especially after some really cool mods come.
Are they having official servers too? Or just player hosted? Surely some.
Please don't be another like Scum..... :(
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