Just RAMPANT... The Trust and Delays..

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calm down my guy
Your Integrity is at a disgusting , ZERO , you Slobs... When was the 1st release , OCTOBER? ... Dont Fret we had almost a year of watching these CLOWNS , play the game and tease us with (My Favorite is) JUNE WILL BE THE LAST DELAY EVER ! .. But as Millennial little FUCKS do they Lie and Lie , and think there is nothing wrong with posting DELAYs after Delays after giving there word. (YES).. WHY !! ? Because there WORD means nothing.. and they dont care that its broken. First ya pay them money like the rest of us , Then ya get to watch some STREAMER play the game for 2 weeks ) IF YS LUCKY) .. All with the honor if waiting for the NEXT DELAY or some JACKASS send you a Video saying plan Accordingly.. (OHH CANADA). Then you get inline for this SCAMS Slow Roll out thats gonna take 2 months... While the entire map gets Eaten alive with .. Base locations , top Level gear and Citys being Walled in and prime real estate stolen from the average backer.. Then you can BE a STREAMER or SPECIAL INTEREST FRIEND , that will have 2 GLORIOUS WEEKS Of Early access to this game before us... When it was ONLY a (REMEMBER) a copyright issue , very small issue then the BIG RELEASE , now its some slow 2 week Release.... The SCAM is RAMPANT before the shoe laces are even tied to this GEM.......... OMG.... See ya In OCTOBER with the Next Excuse.... (WAVES) Your Integrity and TRUST IS ZERO.... ABSOLUTE ZERO Pay ACCORDINGLY..... If you read this....


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Just play on a different server than the streamers. You're acting like there is only one.


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That's because codes will be done in a staggered release because that's how Steam key distribution works.

Another thing is that nobody expected this legal issue and more importantly nobody wanted to release a shit game.

Game is in a much better state now and I know this because some of us mods have played the game in a much rougher state.


Locked too since this thread serves no purpose.
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