Just showing support


I’ve been keeping tabs on dead matter for the last 4 or 5 months now, and I’m blown away personally this game might be the game I play to my grave, I’m trying to save up for a powerful pc just for this game and I can’t wait for the public release and I can finally get my hands on it. I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos saying bad things about the game but the points they make seem dumb to me. Dead Matter, from the looks of it, has already passed Dayz by miles and it’s just getting better. Personally Ik I will sink thousands of hours into it, missed the chance to give support when they needed it but here I am
Lmao its not over, this is literally the beginning, this phase just appears in a lot of games. Overpromise and under deliver. And No Mans Sky is evidence that it works. They come back after failed misery and humiliation. Hopefully.

But yeah mate! I literally can't wait to use up my weekends on this game. Make loyal friends, shoot things, break and repair, and maybe just grind gear to give away. I know it will be a good investment to just wait. Just know that we are the majority, the haters usually cover us with 5375 decibels.
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