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My take on Vlog #10


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First of all, super hyped. Can't wait for me. Super bummed Closed Alpha was pushed back but I appreciate it and understand it.

Some stuff from watching the VLOG:

1. Models and Textures are too perfect. They are just not believable. The building at 1:24 looks just fake with no variations. The block inside of the building at 1:45
2. Can you we rotate items in the inventory?
3. Drop your pants at 24:16 That was great. Thanks to whoever that was. His fault the pants fell through the world. I guess that guy will get that fixed ASAP.
4. The "Do not cross police line" was great. Can you reset that once you are inside so people don't know you came in that way?
5. The voice changing as they go down the Elevator is great! I love that atmospheric change.
6. The mine thing is awesome. I am not sure how much you guys know about actual mines, but there is one here in Colorado that has OVER 100 miles of underground roadways. Yes, you read that right. OVER 100 MILES of roads under a mountain. That thing can be as big as your imagination.
7. Inventory, can you just drop items onto the "clothing" on the left to have them fit into the item?
8. At 6:13 he shoots out a light. Awesome! Will we be able to shoot out most lights?

I think that about sums it up so far. Thank you for the update!


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i was really nervous but i have to speak out my honest respect!
I really liked the gameplay it looks impressive u made a good job so far!

i like the fog but maybe u can reduce it a little, i would like that.
Keep up the work


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1.A lot of the finer details will get fill in over time, though it's worth noting that the game does take place just 2 weeks after the outbreak. So most buildings won't be in total shambles.
2. Yes.
3. Minor issue, already fixed.
4. You can't. Not sure if that resets on it's own after some time or not, but I imagine not. Be the first to run through as many caution tapes on your server after a wipe!
7. I don't believe that's planned, but there will be quick keys for moving loot faster.
8. Yep!


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1) is ok to have fog for long distances, but close quarters we should be able to see your game.
2) i missed ''lore'' in the VLOG (letters, signs, photos), as well as sings of strugle like blood, trash, leaves, etc
3) i notice that the players did not gather raw material, like wood, metal or cloth. please be a thing
4) in the shaft when the door opens, we need like 30 miner zombies to atack
5) SOUNDS - you need some wind sounds for urban areas, some insect sounds for rural areas, bird sounds.
specially around corpses you need some buzzing flies sound.
6) please put some birds and stray cats or squirls
keep up the good work boiiisss
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1. Yeah, I know it is soon after. But here is an example of what I mean.
a "perfect" model and texture:

Then a "real" model and texture:

Even though they are almost exactly the same one is believable and the other is not. I am not asking for old crusty paint peeled almost all the way off, just textures with some variation and "weather" on them.
4. I suppose that is both good and bad. I will take your wisdom on this one.
7. Ok.
8. Awesome. Super excited!


I don't share your excitment... the last devblog was terrible !! For a zombie survival we just saw 6 zombies , and bugged. Was the same area from an old devblog
the only things we saw was weapons and inventory.
- no Fortification
- no metabolism
- no craft

We did not see any survival mechanics. After 4 months of waiting for this devblog

Totally disappointed.
It seems that video has been made to calm down players.. and to show "something". But I did not see anything right (but graphics)
And why so much fog ? Something to hide ?

When you see few zombies ( which is the BASE) in a Zombie survival ( and moreover, bugged) , there is something wrong
They are wasting too much time for weapons and graphics instead of basics. They want a perfect game at start ! Who cares to get 50 weapons at start if the game is broken ?!
But yeah !! Weapons and inventory are good and beautifull.. But where is the rest ? the Main things ?

I prefer getting real good survival mechanics than perfect graphics

This video is not a real gameplay !
After some years I expected something better
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