NPC Follower system + Base Territory System


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This would be a great way to balance the game for solo players, who want to only play singleplayer... or who don't have friends online to play with.
Allow every player to 'recruit' an npc from the world that will follow you around (But can also be assigned to patrol an area or stay in a single spot)

Here are the key features that this should include:
-Limited dialogue like "Yep, sure okay" "I can't do that right now" "Ow that hurts!" "I'm injured." (Things like this)
-The ability to follow a player on command or be told to stay in a single spot, move forward and scout something, or patrol/defend an area.
-The ability to access that NPC's items and equip them with things through dialogue. For example: "Hold e to interact"
NPC: "Hey what do you need?"
Player selects from dialogue options: "Let me take a look at your gear"
NPC: "Sure!"
NPC inventory UI pops up.

This would be a huge feature that would allow you to sacrifice people to get around zombies, send in npcs to scout an area and see if there are hostile players, and have active defense of your base while you are out looting.

I'm hoping that this game will have a walking dead feel. Survivor communities that don't trust other people, clashes between big communities while also having to worry about zombie hordes destroying your base. Grinding to build base defenses while also competing with other communities. Finding NPCs to post as guards and assign tasks to in your base (Such as farming, crafting, or patrolling/defending)

Do you remember Assassins' Creed syndicate? You could send your assassins out on missions, and they would return with resources - loot - and gain experience. I really like this idea - Who the hell wants to spend HOURS and HOURS grinding materials in a game so that they can build up their base? I mean some people have lives man! Make it available to have your npc follows go out looking for specific things such as Food - Building Materials - Vehicle parts. Give the NPCs names - leveling systems and perks - the ability to do chores around your base. Make the game feel alive. I think that this is something that is really lacking in a lot of these survival games.

In another post here on the forum I talked about "Cabinets" - Here is my take on them and how they should work.

-You have to craft the cabinet on a lvl 1 workbench that can be created very simply. That cabinet when placed creates a radius in which you have permission to build without your buildings degrade (Settings for building degrading can be manipulated by server settings for those that don't want to maintain their territory)
-The cabinet also contains a UI in which you can send your NPC followers out on missions, assign them building tasks - farming tasks - or patrol/defense tasks in your base area. You can also upgrade the NPCs individually through the cabinet and select their perks etc. (NPCs should also have random perks that are unique to that npc - kind of like their talent or latent skill)
-The cabinet is how your base defenses such as turrets and your patrolling npcs recognize you. Your party members show up in the cabinet and the cabinet owner can add a check mark to their name that allows them to build things and also be recognized as a friendly by the NPCs and base defenses.
-The cabinet also offers 500 spaces of storage - you can place your building resources in here for maintaining your territory (NPCs will place resources in this cabinet after returning from loot missions or take resources out to complete a crafting or building task.)

I think that the NPC interaction and control system will be essential in making everything feel like a true zombie apocalypse, and giving every player the feeling of being that "Rick" leader.

Player should be limited to one or two active followers at a time, but perhaps you could implement a system where they are allowed more that is dependent on some sort of base upgrade.

What do you guys think?
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No one else thinks having NPC followers would be great? It would be cool if it was made Tom Clancy ghost recon style too, I always loved moving my squad/drones around.


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NPC followers would be cool, would be neat to add a stress system, that could ultimately lead to fights between survivors,theft,suicide, or desertion
Now we have a discussion going, thank you. It would be cool to have some sort of character relationship system based off of your choices - ultimately leading to which faction you have to interact with. If you have a Bandit follower friendly survivors will attack on sight etc etc
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