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Putting cuffed person in trunk of car?


New member
Pretty much what the title says ^ is that a thing that'll be coming down the road? Kidnapping someone and bringing them to your base is some dope RP stuff.
It's a nice idea but I see it being abused. Example: Binding someone, putting them in the trunk, and leaving them there.

I guess you could have a mechanic that allows the capture to break free, but in my opinion, I feel it would be easier to just hold someone at gun point, take their weapons, and make them come with you.

Maybe it's not something that would work for the base game, but if modding becomes available, RP servers or whoever could add it.


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You can handcuff people, but no putting people in the trunk. They'll just have to ride shotgun :p They can also escape handcuffs with effort
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