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Roadmap Update and Vlog 10!


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In this blog post we give an update on the release schedule for the Closed Alpha and Early Access, address changes to the scaling of the world’s map, and showcase Development Vlog #10. The vlog also contains some long requested, updated gameplay footage, which we hope you all enjoy!



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Awesome update. I'd like to offer this constructive criticism. Massive downer to all these style games, is players are always left standing there in the open dragging items 1 by 1 to an open slot in their inventory. Just watching those 2 standing at the boot of the car sorting gloves, beanies, rounds, and clips for 1:45 is just awkward. This sort of behaviour is very un-lifelike, IRL we would just fill our pockets as best we could and snatch up everything else in our hands and sort it on the go. You should consider a "snatch and grab" type option which should allow the looter to get 2 - 4 handfuls of items (depending on size) and be stuffing them in to inventory slots while on the move at the cost of speed and agility for 5 - 10 seconds.

moving forward, I really like where this game is heading. we have been waiting for many years now and cant wait till this game is ready for release. The wait is definatly woth it.
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Lunatic Jesus

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Hey Guy's.
Been following you for a while now. and have to say i really enjoy what you all have done thus far. i would also like to reach out about something in this last vlog. i love the deal with seeing people in a room with a light on through a window. but even with newspaper you would still see a
Silhouette. i like to see that replace with idk maybe spray paint can's and or.
aluminium foil this would seem a little more Realism. just a thought not trying to discourage you guy's . just a outsider's look is all like i said earlier i love what you all have done so far


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Niiice! I really liked all the things seen on this footage, all the new things that is not in any other survival game! I was expecting a real map over the whole playable terrain tough...questions:

1. Great work with the loot! How does/will the loot system work? It looked like you press a button and the character gets random loot inside of drawers, bags etc, I really liked that! So simple! But is there infinite loot in these places? Same for the cash register?

All other food items spawned in the store, is the loot going to respawn after every server restart?

2. How far off will we actually see a real map over the whole playable?

3. It seemed so simple to find good guns from the start, I hope that M4 wasnt looted inside a house. Same with the rifle. I think it should be harder, never the less, good stuff.


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Amazing job guys, keeping eye on the subreddit very carefully the past couple of weeks and I've gotta say; this vlog is exactly what I think everybody has been waiting for, unreal how much the energy has changed from questions and worries to overwhelming positive and compliments.

Keep up the amazing work guys, look forward to the next info drop.


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Ok, super excited about the VLOG 10. Kinda bummed about the delay for closed Alpha but I completely understand it. I have a bunch of questions, comments I will be posting. Stay tuned!
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