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Stealth and Distraction Methods


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If not already planned, please do allow for a rock to be picked up and thrown to distract zombies. I think this would be extremely helpful for the beginning game. Bows would also be a great gameplay feature. A few bow types (smaller pound draws, compound, recurve, crossbows) would be amazing. Who doesn't want to hit a headshot on a zombie with a crossbow? I think a few arrow and bolt types would be an extremely nice addition as well. Maybe bleeding values for those as well? Knives with sneak attacks for zombies would also be great. Allowing for players to easily take care of a zombie if they aren't seen and there isn't a whole group. Anyway, more ideas to come, just needed to get a stealth option off my chest.


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All of these ideas are fine as long as they are balanced. I do not want to see a game where all we have to do is toss a rock every 15 seconds to go through a zombie infested town.
I would love to see bows, crossbows and stealth in the game, again this needs to be balanced. Even though a zombie might not hear the arrow hit the skull of his comrade he would hear the body hit the ground.
I would love to see the stealth game play viable but not always the best tactic.
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