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Suggest a Quest


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Hi everyone!

objects and items in the game, such as books, maps, notes, keys, clothes, could be used to provide a lot of indirect information. Depending on what the player feels is worth investigating. Then there is a place that either gives a new clue, or expands on along that narrative. Skyrim was great for this. Find a random book and it tells a story of cave that you can actually find and there are letters of dialogue expanding or concluding the story.

There are so many packages and letters and books floating about that there is really no limit to the back stories that could be tied. Old phones/ or laptops or computers you could find and unlock with the right password. It could lead the player to hidden stashes, or medicine, or car parts or weapons or whatever.

if you die after 6 days from zombies, but this time you HAD the password for managers office at the grocery store from the posted note on her fridge,(which changes every loot respawn or only works once, and there are like tons of 1 step connections like this. anyway, now you respawn, and you are like ok now I know how to get the password for the office, but also learn about the person who worked there and have go back to her house, and like, maybe go back there and board it up. maybe find a secret in the office that makes you want to go back to her house, or her neighbors house. maybe the neighbors work at the gas station, and have drama with this manger, you find out her name is mary, and the son and the neighbors daughter were in love, i dont know! but yeah. just
like make people feel like they are in what was once a real persons house, and the deeper the connection to who the people in this town were, the more people will actually like adopt themselves into the narratives. People text each other alot, and charging a phone and reading texts to discover information on where more information on the people who you are interested in learning about is located is fun? ok like, how am i going to get to this address without dying? it probably has SOME food, and SOME lot, and i can maybe make it back here before night fall. ok, ill get ready, and tomorrow set off to marys sisters house, where her brother in law, who we know was drunk and gloating about a buck he shot, so he probably there might be a good change he has a gun, and we have the spare key from marys key chain we got at her office we got into from the posted note on her fridge. A house we are now occupying.

sorrry for bad english adn no editing. just wanted to say this and now i gotta run!


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Hi all. So, this might be a little long winded, but hear me out.
My suggestion isn't so much of a quest given by an NPC but rather side quests found in the world:
So a couple of years ago i bought a bunch of old gas station road maps at a thrift shop (I was gonna use em as wrapping paper). One of these maps though was for a city my sister was living in, and it had a bunch of notes and markings on it left by the previous owner. So I gave it to her so she could go snoop around the marked areas. It was just kinda a fun thing.
Getting back to the point I think it could be cool to find maps like that in houses or cars, or even just hand written notes left by NPCs describing locations of interest and be able to mark it on your own map as a "way point" so to speak. I think that could encourage players investing time in exploring and looking for other things then just food and guns, and lend to more environmental storytelling... Rather then being told where to go by a floating diamond in the sky.(not that i think that's what the devs were gonna do, just pointing out the cliche)

anyways thanks for listening. peace


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#1 Infiltrate an enemy group of NPC's by doing various side quests for them to get into the gang then carrying out assassinations on rival gangs etc stealing items of value all kinds of different side quests to get you closer to the boss of the enemy group and when you meet the boss a twist where you can join the new gang or assassinate the leader and return to your old gang. Gangs being say communities that randomly appear throughout the map around towns and camps.
#2 Add a quest tree for a mercenary so your loyalty is to no one and you work for and against all gangs to gain Merc levels and titles. A rogue character of types.


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I already said this but Imma post it again but on this thread. I wanna give this quest a feel towards it. So during the game, you find a person, bitten and on the verge of death. You can have a deep philosophical conversation with the person or can do a task for them before death. After death, you are either given a choice to shoot them or leave them alone, saving your bullets.


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I want an unique and one time quest with so many stuff you can't take everything.
Like a long way down in a bunker, you acces the vault full geared but just can come here once and you can't take everything.
Weapon, tools, cloths, bullets, foods....

Yeah my little dream.


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I think a new quest that coul add new layers to this game is a simple heist. From I heard, schools are an alternative hotspots just in case when hospitals get too full.

1. You find yourself investigating a school to raid it of medical supplies. Before you can enter, you find a new npc and interact with him.

He brought his daughter during the outbreak and was seperated during the panic.

2. There is a gate locking the main entrance and you have to find your way in. This allows you to explore and pick choices of entrances.

3. Exploring the school, you encounter multiple young zombies and are given a morale choice to kill them or avoid them. The npc will copy you and do the same.

4. You enter the gym and find white tents. You encounter other zombies such as those who are wearing hazmats or civilians.

5. The final act is finding the npc's daughter, but she is infected. You're given a choice: To end her yourself, Leave her, or Let her father end her.

I think adding this will allow the player to feel sorry for the npc. It just shows you how people are affected by the outbreak.


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NPcs kid /spouse goes missing.

You then have to track them until you get to a POI. The POI would have the NPC hiding somewhere making noise; which will draw zombies but also you need to use the sounds to locate the actual NPC. The Zombies would also respond to the NPCs sounds (though you want to be careful its not too easy for Zombies to get to the NPC). Once you get the NPC you need to bring them back.

There could be variants where the NPC might be infected?
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