Dead Matter
(Canadian) Thanksgiving Development Update
In this post we show off some new Backer weapons, some of the WIP perks systems that players will use, and dig into blockouts and the struggle for good reference images with Shirk. We’re happy to keep these blog posts coming in our continuing effort to increase transparency and communication with the community.
September Development Update
Here is the first of many blog posts between the vlogs. In this post we’ll touch on some community matters like the forums, go over what the devs have been doing lately, and get a deep dive on what Shirk has been doing in the last couple weeks. These blog posts offer us a chance to dig further into the technical aspects of development and allow us to show off in the vlogs. Fair warning, there are some large images and gifs within the blog that may impact mobile data users.
Blog Post 1
Along with Dev Vlog 09, this post has a progress update and information regarding the release of the closed alpha to backers. We go over the state of the game, the closed alpha, the massive growth of the dev team, and how we will be improving communication moving forward. Thank you so much for your support!